Stalking: 3.4 million reasons per year to pack.

Stalking Survey (Anon).

  • 1. Yes, I have been stalked.

    Votes: 6 11.3%
  • 2. I know of someone near/dear to me who has been.

    Votes: 18 34.0%
  • 3. The stalking resulted in physical violence to the victim or me.

    Votes: 8 15.1%
  • 4. The stalking was non-violent just intrusive.

    Votes: 9 17.0%
  • 5. The stalking was prevented by a restraining/no-contact order.

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • 6. The stalking was not prevented by a restraining/no-contact order.

    Votes: 8 15.1%
  • 7. I have never been stalked, nor has anyone I know.

    Votes: 28 52.8%
  • 8. The stalker was jailed or fined or killed.

    Votes: 6 11.3%
  • 9. The stalking is still ongoing @ times.

    Votes: 5 9.4%

  • Total voters


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Females (mostly) and males, ethnically diverse, economically hi-lo end folks, if some nut :eek: is following your every move, they want something you probably don't want to give them, and they ARE breaking the law. Here are 3.5 million reasons PER YEAR why a citizen fearing for their lives, safety, jobs or that of those they love (like their spouses, kids, kin, friends, pets, etc.), their real property (homes to cars) and their privacy may find a stalker looking down the wrong end of their loaded gun rethinks their motives for making the victims life hell real fast and it leaves a lasting impression: Link Removed Violence was committed against the stalking victims in at least 25 percent of the cases. Or call 911 and file a report, go to court, get a restraining order and hope that bit of paper stops what a gun can do with a lot more persuasion if used in self defense, not as a way to hunt down a stalker and commit a premeditated murder! The federal government and all 50 states have enacted laws making stalking a crime, but the laws and definitions of stalking vary widely. Although the restraining order does help too, in most states a stalker slapped with one of them will not pass an NIC to even buy a legal gun, but can buy a knife anywhere! :wacko: As an after-thought I added a survey/poll to this post, feel free to vote, it will be anonymous voting.
Stalking Survey (Anon): Has stalking ever effected you?
This is an anonymous survey on stalking with 9 questions.
U can choose multiple answers, but only 1 per patron allowed per USA-Carry poll rules.


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Mys sister has been stalked by her son's father. I've encouraged her to buy a gun, learn to shoot, and get her permit, but all she'll do is carry pepper spray, which I've tried telling her won't do much good against his gun (yes, he's armed, and yes, he's a convicted felon). In the meantime, all I can do is pray that he doesn't hurt her and my nephew.
Restraining orders only work if the person is willing to obey them. Many have been killed by someone they had a restraining order on.
Sorry, not the time or place for the joking comment previously located here. Move along, nothing to see here!
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Our story is on going, wife has been stalked 4 years. Right now we are waiting on his first trial as in the past no one did a thing ,(at least as far as arrest/prosecution). One time he was sent for a 30 day psych evaluation. Showed up at our home w/ a loaded shotgun! I'll come back and post more later but this is why we have CCW...
Oh BTW , this scumbag ain't no relation, ain't no ex husband or lover he's just an ex patient in a nursing facility my wife used to work at. He is Bi Poler and goes off when off his meds
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My wife's sister was killed by a stalker, wannabe lover. He then turned the gun on himself but lived and is now serving prison time.
it should be legal to shoot a stalker after a restraining order is not obeyed,:big_boss: too many cases the other way :shout:
Premeditated stalker 'disposal' is not a great or legal idea.
However if stalker :mad: sneaks into your home to endanger
your significant other/loved one or U, squeeze the trigger
(until stalker is stopped) then call 911 for stalker remains removal. :triniti:

A stalker is the reason I am armed and carry concealed. He was my daughter's ex-boyfriend. Long story/short, he made threats against me and the rest of my family. He was on the run from the law (not related to stalking) when he made the threats, I tracked him and made sure he knew it, and he pulled 10 years.
Back when I started shooting in the early 90s, I had a friend I went to school with. We attended the same college and she ended up dating a real nut job. They broke up a few days before and the group (minus him) went to eat lunch. She rode with me and after lunch he was outside in the parking lot. It really scared her and she had a gun but wasn't very good with it.

She came out to the house and shot some. She did very good at close range and it wasn't 3 weeks later that he cut her phone line and entered her house and held a knife to 4 year old daughters neck. She stopped him with a shot to the head when he let go of the child and came toward her.

This is the only story that effected me personally in my decision to get my permit.

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