SR9 Recall Update!!


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I talked to Ruger today about the recall. They were to send out shipping boxes in mid May!! Now they say they are still waiting for the parts, so it will now be at least mid June before they start shipping the return boxes!!!
With me it never is about a company having a problem with a product, it is what they do about it if they do!! I am thinking Ruger has droped the ball big time. I would like to have one of the new CLP's. This is makeing me think twice..


That does suck but you still have your gun right, nothings stopping you from shooting and enjoying it right? Also it's LCP.
:Poep:Wasn't trying to be a spell check nazi mr. sensative. I'm very interested in the SR9 as well as the LCP but i personally wouldn't touch either one for atleast a year, maybe a little less for the LCP since its basically a Keltec thats been around awhile. Sounds to me like Rugers taken their time with the recall so as to get it right, you wouldnt want to send your gun off and then find out 6 months later the problems still not fixed and you have to send it off again. Sounds resonable enough, frustrating none the less.

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