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I took my new parkerized "Loaded" 5"er out to the range today.

This one's a keeper. I ran 300 rounds of various ammo through it. The only rounds it didn't like was a box of twenty CorBon 200 Grain JHP's. It fed sixty rounds of CorBon 185 Grain +P JHP/DPX with nary a bobble.

The only malfunctions I had were directly attributable to magazine problems. The "stock" Springfield magazines and the various 7 Rounders I had left a lot to be desired. The Wilson 8 Rounders ran perfectly.

I checked the FLGR after every 100 rounds. I was expecting to have to tighten it up, but it never loosened. The trigger reset was very positive, as was the safety going on/off. If I decide to carry this gun I'm going to leave it "stock".

I plan to take it out next week and shoot it some more. After I get another 300 rounds of Hardball through it I will put 200 rounds of Winchester 230 Grain JHP's through it and that's what I will carry in it. I'd like to carry some other ammo, but it's too cost prohibitive for me to run 200+ rounds of DPX through the gun to "function test".

This gun isn't fancy, just a Parkerized "Loaded" Model with night sights. It does what a gun is suppossed to do. It goes BANG everytime. I'm used to carrying a Revolver off duty, but may be changing to the 1911 again.

I had an expirience a few years back where I failed to take the safety off on a 1911 when i needed to. After much thought and consideration, and learning how to do a "Hi-Thumb" hold down in Georgia at FLETC this past summer, I really feel that the reason I failed to take the safety off was my fault, due to an improper hold. I have taken steps to correct the hold, and now I'm thinking I might pack a 1911 again.

I still have a ways to go before this gun is in my carry "stable" but I'm working on getting it in the selection. I can't believe how much I missed carrying a 1911. Nothing else even comes close in a "bottomfeeder" for me.


Yea--My 1911 A1 loaded is a keeper too. I've had it for a couple years now. I don't usually carry this gun due to other options but it has been flawless at the range and very accurate--and darn fun to shoot. I did have a trigger job done on mine. The stock trigger was just fine but it's even nicer now
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