Springfield Armory 1911 Micro Compact


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I bought one new in 2006 and it stays at home most of the time, I almost
always drop my Ruger LCP in my pocket when I leave the house.

Does anyone carry this on a regular basis? I don't see it mentioned here
very often so I am wondering if it does not have a good track record for
reliability. I am very interested in hearing what anyone says about their experiences with this gun.


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My dad, mccoyjj, carries that or the EMP (Forget which one it is) most of the time I see him. I'm used to carrying a Glock 26 so I thought it felt heavy compared to that but with a good holster and gun belt I could concealed it fine.
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Just got finished replying to another question about almost the same thing. I have owned a Springfield Armory EMP for almost 5 years and I love it. It is definitely "NOT" a pocket pistol.

What it is to me, is

1)a full hand grip, ie. your little finger is not hanging out there looking for some place to go,

2)it doesn't "Bite" like some of the smaller pistols. If a pistol is unconformable to shoot you are not likely to do much training with it. If you don't train with it, welllll, you know where I am going.

3)its on the same frame I trained with for years(full size 1911) which means that when needed Muscle Memory kicks in and everything this flows just fine.

Like I informed the other person, I have put at least 1000 rounds down range with my EMP and the only malfunction I had was when I was using Wolf brand ammo. Good, inexpensive ammo, but I found that it shoots dirty.
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