Spork? Zero Tolerance run Amuck


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Rained out today at work so the wife and I are watching FoxNews,some kid got suspended from school for having a SPORK! They were contemplating sending him to reform school. He was a first grader for petes sake. I related to her how we used to carry shotguns to school on the bus. She almost had the baby!! LOL. When I was a young lad it was nothing to carry a gun onto the bus,unloaded of course,leave it at the headmasters office and retreive it after school for a planned spend the night at a friends and squirrel hunt the upcoming saturday morning. Coach Lindsley (retired public school principle,ex sheriff,ex marine) was great about stuff like that. As we got older and able to drive it was no big deal to see deer rifles hanging in the gunracks (before it became redneck to have one) or sitting muzzle down on the floorboard. Things sure have changed alot. I dont know how much more "progress" this country can stand. What happened to common sense? And discipline at school and at home? Wake up America!

My Mistake

My deepest apologies,,,,It WAS NOT A SPORK,,,But it wasn't a cutlass either,,,still,,,reaction was overboard in my opinion.
Welcome to the NWO school system

It’s not zero tolerance but zero intelligence. Pretty soon sharpened pencils will be reasons for being expelled.

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