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In an effort to portray Spokane as it really is, I recently posted a searchable 'crime map' to this forum. Now for something much more useful. The link below takes that simple yet useful crime-map tool into a daily chronicle with multiple menu options that details all crimes every day by place, person(s) or incident, runs per 24 day day, 365 a year, and is updated as new stuff hits the blotter. From murders to assaults, vehicle crashes/injuries, theft, fugitives, child sex-offender tracking, abandoned/impounded vehicles, courts, C.O.P.S., employment & commissions openings, false-alarms, gang activity, fingerprinting, general information, many useful links, identity crimes & laws, jails + juvenile/adult detentions, most-wanted, stolen vehicles, crime mapping, accuracy watch, Photo Red (traffic light mounted CC cameras that snap a picture of a red-light running violator's car/pates, time/date stamp it then the ticket arrives in the mail! Taking cops off static duties & allowing them to respond to more serious crimes which makes me feel a bit safer), online licence checks, neighborhood issues/watches/organizations, property laws or disputes, records, news releases, e-mail alerts delivered right into your computer if U are tracking the development of something near & dear to you, and so much more for free and folks with inquisitive minds. Sure we have crime here, scan any 24 hour incident log and see shootings, stabbings, burglaries, thefts, rapes and all the major crime that makes city life a daily roller-coast of crimes & close calls. Then compare us to any larger city and their 24-hour list gets real long & ugly!
If the other side of Washington state (Spokane) is a place you may like to get a thorough real-time take on, then book-mark this site and learn the stuff our tourists or visitors seldom do.
Accepting a cookie is not required to view the data, but is a good idea if you plan on a return visit. Reporting visits, plates and customers to the meth house down the road, or the drunk who beats his wife and kids up every night by e-mail or a phone call to our cops does keep our crime list lower, and there's lots of room left @ Geiger detention/corrections center for our petty crooks! Or Walla Walla & other Fed pens for the most dangerous the LEO's have caught. BUT if long cold winters turn U off, his may not B the place for you to park it & settle in ;-}


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Or Walla Walla federal lock-up for the most dangerous we have caught.
Federal lock up? Walla Walla is our state dead end prison for lifers and death row inmates. Unless the Feds built a new prison there. I know they would not take over Washington State Penitentiary. It is a 100 year old antiquated dungeon that is a constant drain on DOC resources. Subject to non stop remodel / updating since the 1950's
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