Spokane Online Crime Map.


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This post has nothing to do with the CCW laws or 2nd Amendment rights of WA 3rd largest city, but it does map-out the current status of crimes (most types) committed within the city & county of Spokane in the last 180 days. It is a very easy tool to use, either type-out a cross-road or move the cursor with your mouse to zoom-in or out and get real detailed down to around a 10-meter grid definition!
For visitors it gives you an idea of the most and least dangerous parts of Eastern Washington's largest community. For folks thinking about settling here, it is the best crime poop that U will never get from the eager real estate agent or apartment/home rental agent, manager, and should be one of the 1st tools you use to figure out why that wonderful home U fell in love with only runs $60K! A STEAL!
For folks who already live here & own a CC permit let it help U make a decision on whether say 2nd Ave & Oak St. looks like a checker-board of icons, and it does, each denoting an assault, a theft, or a crime that has happened there within the last 6 months. I would use it if I were driving across town to an area I had never been to indicating whether I better be carrying or if the few icons in that area denote it is almost crime free, my car might still be there when I get back or some gang-banger is not stalking me and my wheels or planning to jack both. I do not have info or crime-maps on the bigger cities of Sea-Tac, but this might be worth adding a bookmark to if Spokane is a trip thru, a 2-3 year rotation thru Fairchild AFB, or a place you live with your CCW permit.
Hope that helps,

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We have the same thing in Vegas

For LVMPD (Las Vegas and unincorporated Clark County); see their Link Removed
For Henderson; see their Link Removed
For North Las Vegas; Crime Search Map

Many of your medium to larger cities have similar pages. Just look for the City or County's website and click on the respective police or sheriff's department. Local law enforcement agencies are obligated to provide crime statistics to the FBI. Also in many States crime reports are public record. Your larger agencies will provide these statistics online to the general public. It's good for buying a house and selecting where to stay if you are visiting an area.

OK Way Cool Netentity,
2 cities/areas down & lots more to go.
Might B a good add-on to state-specific CC forums.
If the patrons from that State entered the link(s)
to thier cities/counties 'crime maps' under their home state sites.
Other than crime stats helping buyers/renters cyber
recon their prospective new homes, might help with
CCW and reciprocity, should a patron take their weapon to say
Portland, OR and as a newbie visiting which areas should
they be wary of, or feel safer passing thru, staying over, parking, etc.
Just a thought, thanks for your input, I hope it catches on.


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