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How many people on here are from the Spokane area? It would be nice to get together and do a fun shoot at Sharp Shooting Indoor Range.

I live 60 miles west of Spokane. What do you have in mind? Here is an idea, why dont those of us in the area (eastern WA and Idaho) have some kind of getogether in a Spokane park. It is getting toward summer. Mabye BBQ? Then mabye the range? Im not kidding. I hear about this kind of thing in other parts of the country, so why not here? Hey Ill help. Thoughts anyone? Send me a PM if you wish. SANTA is back, finally.
That sounds like a great idea. BBQ in the park sounds good. Chief Gary park is right down the street from Sharp Shooting Indoor Range. I am open to ideas also Santa.
Hey Firefighterchen that sounds like a good idea. Since I saw you last I have gotten some new TOYS that we could take out and shoot. Ever notice that a person never has enough TOYS? By the way where is Navy at? I was very very sick (almost died) and didnt even look at the internet for a month. Send me a PM if you wish. Spokane get-together sounds good. Take care and have a good one.

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