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To my brothers in Kansas-

I have just accepted a new consulting gig for which I will be spending one week per month in Kansas at least for the next year, perhaps longer. (And, I will be bringing with me investment capital and good jobs.) I hold several permits honored by Kansas. Is there anything that you can share with me about carrying in Kansas that you think I should know? Am I required to notify an LEO if stopped in the car? Are there unusual laws about where I can't carry? Thank you for your assistance.


You're not required to tell them you're carrying, but it's strongly recommended. Just hand them your CC license with your driver's license. Otherwise I think Kansas is pretty straightforward as far as where you can and can't carry. Just the usual, government buildings, schools, etc. The Kansas AG site has the best information on it.
Concealed Carry - Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt
When looking at the AG list of places you can't carry -- the beginning of those 16 places state IF properly posted (if not posted, or if posted improperly then you can carry).

Posting must be within 12" of door and 4'-6' height above grade.

We have a couple of places that have intentional posted improperly to allow carry while the uneducated but apprehensive think "good, it's a safe place for kids because there's no guns".

Remember -- federal buildings don't have to post and you still can't carry (Post office, IRS, FBI, etc).

If you come up with any specific questions, ask. I'm not a lawyer, but I am a Ks CC instructor.

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