Specifics of the new Iowa CCW regs


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My older son holds a CCW in Iowa and is getting conflicting information from his local Sheriff's office about renewing his license under the new law. He has visited the office twice and talked to the same Deputy both times. Each time the instructions/timeline were different and both times there was a certain amount of lapse in the lincensing which the officer indicated would be a local consideration. Son is not wanting to have his license expire or hopefully, not have to do the qualification again since he just did a qualification last November. Since the current license does not expire until Dec 31 and the new law takes affect Jan 1 2011 and his qualification covers a 12 month window of renewal, all of this is confusing both him and the LEO responsible for issue of the license. This is a busy time of year for him so I'm trying to run this info down and/or clarify the legal procedure if that is possible. I don't think the discretion of the local law as a basis for adminstering a state statute is a good thing but that happens a lot. It's OK until you're away from home and another locality sees it differently.


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I would suggest reading Link Removed Iowa Carry. A lot of knowledgeable folks over there....nothing against the folks here of course..:no:

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