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Does TX issue CCW permits to legal resident aliens? Does TX allow potential employers to run credit checks?

If you will check www.txdps.state.tx.us/internetforms/forms/chl-16.pdf, you will find the rules. one of them says you have to be eligible to purchase firearms. I have the impression that aliens cannot purchase handguns.
As far as credit checks go, I think any legitimate company can do credit checks; credit card companies do it all the time.
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Actually many States do not allow companies to run credit checks on employees. The reason is to avoid making a hiring decision based on somebody's finances which could have been affected by a lot of things. And to avoid getting people stuck in a deadly catch 22: Loose job - have trouble to pay bills - credit rating goes down - can't find job cause credit is down.
Actually an employer can run a full background check, credit check, along with drug/alcohol test. There are procedures and rules that the employer must follow including giving you a copy of your credit report if you are not hired on the basis of that report.
^^^ txshooter is correct. Many entities (employers, loan officers, government agencies, etc.) can run a credit check on you. I've had a credit check run on me by my employer in order to be bonded. If your credit score is low, you run the risk of not being bonded and if you can't be bonded, a lot of companies do not wish to employ you.

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