Speaker Naifeh Torpedoes Pro-rights Legislation.....again!!!!


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This sorry waste of space has once again defied the will of the people and cast the final swing vote against:

Carry in restaurants serving alcohol
Teachers & Staff carrying in public schools
Allowing Self-admitted psychiatric care patients the right to carry
Carry in state & local parks


He pulls this crap year after year.....I'll follow up this post with my letter to him.

Speaker Naifeh:

I am writing to you, as well as Ms. Cooper who represents my district, to express my complete outrage at your continued tactics of stonewalling sensible legislation that would return our God-given right to self defense and personal preservation. Your insistence to reject the will of the people, as well as the will of your colleagues in the State Senate, demonstrates nothing less than your attempt at total control of the public.

For years, citizens of Tennessee were denied the right to carry a firearm. Thankfully, the Legislature implemented Handgun Carry Permits. Nearly 200,000 Tennesseeans have been issued these permits, yet continue to responsibly obey the law. Despite cries and laments in protest, there is still no blood running in the streets from legal carriers. The main source of violence continues to be the criminals from whom I wish to defend myself.

As it stands, there are numerous places where I must rely on the mercy of the criminal element, mainly because I don’t pass YOUR litmus test of responsibility. In a restaurant, I don’t become a raging madman when I have a drink. If I’m “allowed” (funny how I have to ask permission to exercise the right GURANTEED by the U.S. Constitution) to carry in a restaurant, it will become impossible for me to become a raging madman. Why? Because I don’t drink while carrying. I’d be willing to bet, however, that guys like the shooter in Knoxville recently (at the Hooters) didn’t have a permit to carry. That makes him a criminal, already. Criminals DON’T obey the law. That’s why they’re called criminals. Meanwhile, unarmed citizens are victimized because of YOUR disdain for people like me actually taking the responsibility upon themselves for protection. Criminals intent on shooting at people have NEVER changed their minds because they thought it would break the law to go armed in a restaurant. Please tell me how gun-free laws have protected people at:

Virginia Tech
Hooters in Knoxville
Appalachian School of Law
Northern Illinois University
Utah’s Trolley Square Mall
Kirkwood, MO City Hall
Omaha’s Westroads Mall
The infamous Luby’s Cafeteria in Texas
Mitchell High School in Memphis
Pearl High School in MS

The list goes on….

Your “feel-good” gun control laws rob me, as well as my fellow LAW-ABIDING citizens, of our RIGHT to self preservation. I choose to exercise that right with a firearm. I’ve paid my money to the state, I’ve taken the state-mandated classes, I’ve gone above and beyond and taken MORE classes, I practice religiously, and I’ve passed numerous background checks. What more do I have to do to prove to you my responsibility?

Pascal Fleischman (not my real name)
I just sent him an email on my opinion of his actions.

I seriously doubt that we'll hear anything back from him. Most legilators at least have the decency to acknowledge the fact that you contacted them. Please post any replies back. I will, but I'm not holding my breath.

Also, another email address where you might reach him is here:

[email protected]
There is going to be a new website coming online in the next couple of weeks dedicated to defeating him in this coming election. You can send an e-mail to [email protected] to be notified when it is operational.

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