South Dakotans carrying in NE, MN, KS, or WI?


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Here's a question...

Because South Dakota carry permits are NOT recognized in NE, MN, KS, or WI, (and there's a lot of real estate in that list that's within driving distance of SD) ... but a MN non-resident permit would add those states for you ... what if I found a way to partner with instructors and gun ranges in South Dakota, to give you the training you need to get a MN non-resident permit? Would you be interested?

The cost of the training AND the application to a MN sheriff would be, in total, between $125-175. I think we have a way to potentially make this work, if we find ranges that will cooperate.

Does this interest anyone in SD...? Why or why not?

Grant Vlasak

For those looking to attend a Minnesota Permit to Carry Class, I offer these classes in the Sioux Falls area. They are for MN Residents and Non-Residents. If anyone is interested you can see my ads on or check out my website: Link Removed

Also if you have questions about the cost of classes and permits in MN please give me a call.

After re-reading Grant's Post, I forgot to add the typical new applicant for a permit will pay between $90-$100.00 for a permit. In MN the Sheriffs are allowed to charge upto $100.00 for pistol permits.

Once again why deal with an out of state instructor when I am located locally in the Sioux Falls area. I have Class room facilities and range access, at no additional charge it is figured into the cost of the classes I offer.

Matt Schlueter
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