South Chilled by Arctic Winds, Record Snow in East


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I do not know how much more of this global warming I can take.:sarcastic:

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South Chilled by Arctic Winds, Record Snow in East

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Subfreezing temperatures across the South have Florida farmers worried that strawberry, tomato and other crops could be destroyed, with temperatures in even usually balmy Miami only in the 50s on Tuesday.

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist signed an executive order that gives the state's Division of Emergency Management and other agencies the authority to provide growers with assistance. Throughout central and south Florida, farmers are trying to salvage millions of dollars worth of citrus and vegetable crops, spraying them in protective layers of ice and covering them in plastic.

"The problem now is that we have a weeklong freeze predicted," said Ted Campbell, executive director for the Florida Strawberry Growers Association. "It's an endurance test."

Forecasters say the Southern deep freeze will last through the weekend, likely breaking records for continuous cold temperatures in many parts of Florida and elsewhere.

The eastern U.S. was not only dealing with subfreezing temperatures, but parts of the northeastern New England states were under record snowfall. In Burlington, Vermont, a storm dumped more than 33 inches, breaking a single-storm record of nearly 30 inches set in 1969.

In northeast Ohio, forecasters say snow will continue to fall in areas that already have 2 feet or more on the ground. The National Weather Service said areas in the region's "snow belt" could receive up to 8 more inches of lake-effect snow on Tuesday.

Four deaths were blamed on the cold in Tennessee.

The duration of the cold snap is unusual, especially in the South, where the weather is typically chilly for just a day or two before temperatures rebound into the 50s.

Waves of Arctic air pushed into central Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. Many Southern homes aren't built to handle that type of cold, with uninsulated pipes and heat pumps that will have to run all the time just to keep things barely comfortable.

In Miami, the game-time temperature for the Orange Bowl between Georgia Tech and Iowa was 49 degrees, which FOX-TV announcers said was a record for the annual college football game that started in 1935.

Miami Meteorologist Dan Dixon said Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach were expected to approach or set record-low overnight temperatures Wednesday morning.

Vacationing college students from Ohio, Tara McCourry and Stephen McFarren, walked hand-in-hand along picturesque Pensacola Beach Tuesday, one of the few people braving the 27-degree wind chill. The couple watched pelicans, admired seashells and adjusted their hats and gloves as they buffered themselves against the wind.

"This is my first time in Florida and Florida is not supposed to be cold like this," McCourry said.

Charleston, South Carolina, was expecting subfreezing overnight lows all week. Parts of West Virginia could see 4 to 8 inches of snow by Wednesday morning.

Searchers in Wisconsin found the body of a 7-year-old boy who fell through ice into a river while sledding with friends Monday.

The weather caused hundreds of school closings and delays in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, the North Carolina mountains and elsewhere.

Wrecks on icy roads killed at least two other people

It is not just us. That dang global warming has griped the world.:sarcastic:

Panic buying at supermarkets as Britain braces itself for the big freeze | Mail Online

Panic buying at supermarkets as Britain braces itself for the big freeze

By James Tozer
Last updated at 9:21 AM on 06th January 2010

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Hot food and warm clothing were flying off supermarket shelves yesterday as shivering shoppers braced themselves for the deepening big freeze.

Where roads were not already impassable with snow, buyers seized the chance to stock up on vital supplies to see them and their families through in case they end up trapped at home.

And alongside the tinned soup, thermal underwear and bags of salt, there was a surprise best-seller - cat litter.
empty shelves

Shelves were emptied of food at Spar in Stockport as worried shoppers prepare for snow

Following an article in the Daily Mail revealing how people are using it in place of grit to clear paths and driveways, demand has been soaring, with Asda reporting sales up by 55 per cent in just two days.

However, those who have put cat litter to the test report that while it makes surfaces less slippery, it does little to help melt snow and ice, and can make a mess when trodden into floors and carpets.

Bags of salt are also being snapped up, with sales of 1.5kg bags of cooking salt up five-fold at Morrisons and rock salt sales up 150 per cent at B&Q.

Conditions could worsen tonight as 40cm of snow is expected

Hot, hearty food was much in demand, with Asda selling 50 per cent more porridge and other oat cereals as this time last year and 20 per cent more ready-made hotpots and casseroles.

Stodgy puddings were also up, while Tesco said soup sales were up 80 per cent on two weeks ago.

The deepening winter chill was encouraging shoppers to stock up on cold weather gear, with thermal underwear sales up ten-fold at Asda and wellington boots also sought after.


* Extreme weather warning as Met Office forecasts 16 INCHES of snow across southern England tonight
* Mother shocked as local pub gives her the cold shoulder for wearing woolly hat
* Some parts of the country have just ONE day's supply of grit left

Meanwhile, travel mug sales increased by more than 160 per cent at Sainsbury's and motorists worried about getting stranded boosted demand for sleeping bags by a fifth at Halfords.

Drivers were also buying extra screen wash, de-icer and ice scrapers for the worsening conditions.

Halfords spokeswoman Diane Perry said: 'A lot of people were caught out before Christmas, so now they're preparing much more with things like snow chains, heat-proof travel mugs and emergency blankets.'

Supermarkets said they were working to ensure shelves remained full, but acknowledged that with more snow forecast, many shoppers were buying more than they needed in case they found themselves trapped at home.

'The last snowfall two weeks ago caught many people out and made shopping trips quite hazardous especially in more open areas, so it appears that this time round shoppers are being more canny and are stocking up just in case,' said Simon Williams, Tesco's senior convenience foods buyer.

'This is one of those occasions where normal January diets go out of the window and heart and body warming foods such as roast dinners and hot puddings makes better sense

Read more: Panic buying at supermarkets as Britain braces itself for the big freeze | Mail Online
hmmm... I guess the cold weather hasn't heard yet that the globe is warming. who was in charge of sending the memo?
If you guys would only pay your "fair" share of taxes this global warming would be under control!
Can you say "cap and trade"?

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