Souter Retirement...a clever political move for Obama?


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There are currently cases pending on the Docket of the Supreme court that if the out come is less than favorable for Team Obama...It's all over but the crying.

I pose to you this question...

Did Justice Souter take one for the team so to speak by retiring? The Court cannot meet without all nine justices!

Is this political wrangling designed to keep the Obama team in control a while longer until a justice with a more "global" outlook on things can be found?

Remember that any lie told often enough or long enough usually becomes the "truth".

A missing Justice will certainly slow down the court. A new justice appointed under a Presidency that is found to be illegal will be considered an invalid appointment and we are right back to square one.

This could be the greatest heist ever or it could just be coincidence.

What are your thoughts?


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Festus, you suck, just when I thought that we had a good thing going with the Justices looking at his eligibility, you come along and ruin it with your absolutely brilliant catch. I don't put anything past that @##^#@[email protected], anymore. We need to push SCOTUS to come up with a ruling BEFORE Souter retires. Otherwise we are in a looped cycle that I don't know if we could escape.


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I would not be surprised. Things are falling apart at an alarming rate. Seems like everyday I get up waiting for the next shoe to drop so to speak.


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Let us just hope the Republicans put his pick through the same level of discretion they put Bush's though....

Rick O'Shay

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I don't get mad anymore. The Constitution is good only for toilet paper now. Once I reached that conclusion my stress level went way down. "The times, they are a'changin'.


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Well since he is not leaving until the end of this session JUNE and the next session does not start till October its a rather moot point. He has also most always voted very liberal so there will not be much a change on the court makeup YET

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