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OK, Ladies and Gents- another Samurai parable, with no apparent meaning...
I have mentioned before that some of the significant others of my Cobra Club are going to get their CHL's; the event is actually happening this coming Sat. I've been posting blogs on that forum, saying things like "OK, girls, get to the range for some practice time punching holes in the paper."
My wife has finally taken the hint. She has actually shot a couple of my guns, a couple of times. Never a propponent of guns, but at the same time, never an opponent either, she finally said to me, "Don't you think we need to go and practice?"
I grinned and said, "First we need to buy you a new gun." (A smooth tatical ploy on my part):y:
We went to the local sporting goods store, where she quickly rejected any and all suggestions I came up with, mostly because she couldn't rack the slide. The salesman had the patients of Job. He finally suggested a Taurus 24/7 in 9mm. She liked it, Yahoo!!!
I took her to the range the next day and her palms started sweating and she started getting nervous. At first she had almost decided to forgo the CCW class. I convinced her that she'd do OK and before she shot the new 9., I let her pop off a couple of magazines of my 5-7. She complained that the grips were too big, and didn't like the fire ball at the end of the barrel. My reasoning for letting her go the 5-7 first, was because of it's big flash & bang, and little kick. She graduated up to her Taurus and after cycling about a hundred and fifty rounds through it, even ran a couple of magazines through my Kimber.
Anyway, being more familiar with the 24/7 and with her confidence being up, she wants to "practice" one more time before her Saturday class. But now instead of dread, she at least seems to be excited about it...
Later - Sam

My wife has the rack the slide problem with most autos also. She does have a baby Glock but she mostly carries one of the 5 shot DBL action only Smith and Wesson revolvers. Any way I am glad to here your wife is showing an interest in practicing. That is always a positive thing.
Very good. I am glad she found something she likes. Tell her congratulations in advance for her handgun license.
Congrats Samurai. Glad to hear she's starting to enjoy the sport and will have the means to protect herself if you are not around. Looking forward to future posts from Mrs. Samurai.
It's always nice to have your wife interested in a hobby that you like. I gave up on mine a long time ago. :icon_sad:
Got her qualified...

Now she's in the hurry up and wait (for the license) mode. We went to the range the night before her testing day, and one of the instructors came up and asked her if she'd like to pre-qualify. With me loading her extra mag while she shot, she punched about 45 or 46 of the 50 holes in the target. It's been about ten days now, and I've created a monster; well, her CCW instructor helped. Now she wants to go shoot, stock up on ammo and go shoot again. (And I'm complaining, why???) Anyway, I've been thinking about selling one of the AR kits that I built, at a considerable profit of course, and wifey comes back from her CCW class and says, "You aren't selling that AR! That thing will be worth a lot of money, really soon."

(Isn't that why I wanted to sell it in the first place???)

Later - Sam
Give her our Congratulations for us. We need a lot more like her. I'd be proud, very proud!
Sounds like she is really getting into it. You should now be able to convince her that any purchase of a quilty firearm is a good investment because they only increase in value.
Sounds like she is really getting into it. You should now be able to convince her that any purchase of a quilty firearm is a good investment because they only increase in value.

Yeah, but I'm still not going to tell her how much I spent on the Kimber or the FN 5.7:Smilie Funny:

Congrats to her, my wife hated guns, so I divorced her lol..............My G/F now loves guns, and can shoot too..............................

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