Sonya's "racial" rulings may weigh heavily on her confirmation

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It's not just her racial remark that needs attention, it's her statement, caught on film, that judges make the laws. Had a white male made the same remark about females and sensitivity, they'd be hung by the nuts. But everyone is falling all over themselves making excuses for her remark. And I think it's a smoke screen to hide the other statement: "The court of appeals is where policy is made." And lest anyone say that she was misconstrued, she herself qualified it by saying that she shouldn't have said it in front of cameras.

We can expect Sotomayor to try and make the law as she sits on the Supremes. And she probably will do major damage, not if, but when she does. She is a racist just as much as the La Raza organization she belongs to. Minorities are now thinking that it's "time to get even," and Obama is their icon of revenge. Sotomayor will be the advance guard.


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Haven't heard a gotcha that middle of the road Democrats will have to shy away from, she's going to get confirmed.

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