Sonia Sotomayor 'La Raza member'


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Sonia Sotomayor 'La Raza member'
American Bar Association lists Obama choice as part of group
Sonia Sotomayor 'La Raza member'
Posted: May 27, 2009
11:20 pm Eastern

By Joe Kovacs
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As President Obama's Supreme Court nominee comes under heavy fire for allegedly being a "racist," Judge Sonia Sotomayor is listed as a member of the National Council of La Raza, a group that's promoted driver's licenses for illegal aliens, amnesty programs, and no immigration law enforcement by local and state police.

According the American Bar Association, Sotomayor is a member of the NCLR, which bills itself as the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the U.S.

Meaning "the Race," La Raza also has connections to groups that advocate the separation of several southwestern states from the rest of America.

Over the past two days, Sotomayor has been heavily criticized for her racially charged statement: "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life."

The remark was actually made during a 2001 speech at the University of California's Berkeley School of Law. The lecture was published the following year in the Berkeley La Raza Law Journal.

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The comment is being zeroed in on by voices from the political right.

"I'm not saying she's a racist, but the statement sure is," columnist Ann Coulter said on ABC's "Good Morning America."

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"Imagine a judicial nominee said 'my experience as a white man makes me better than a latina woman,'" blogged former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga. "Wouldn't they have to withdraw? New racism is no better than old racism. A white man racist nominee would be forced to withdraw. Latina woman racist should also withdraw."

Radio's Rush Limbaugh noted, "And the libs of course say that minorities cannot be racists because they don't have the power to implement their racism. Well, those days are gone because reverse racists certainly do have the power to implement their power. Obama is the greatest living example of a reverse racist, and now he's appointed one. ..."

But others are suggesting Sotomayor's racial views will have little impact on her confirmation to the bench.

"She's gonna get confirmed. Get out of the way of the truck," political analyst Dick Morris said tonight on Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor."

Host Bill O'Reilly responded, "The core conservative person ... does not understand that the GOP is shrinking and needs to expand."

The NCLR is applauding the Obama for his selection of Sotomayor.

"Today is a monumental day for Latinos. Finally, we see ourselves represented on the highest court in the land," said Janet Murguia, NCLR's president and CEO.

La Raza also praised former President George W. Bush for nominating Alberto Gonzales to succeed John Ashcroft as attorney general.

As WND previously reported, La Raza was condemned in 2007 by former U.S. Rep. Charles Norwood, R-Ga., as a radical "pro-illegal immigration lobbying organization that supports racist groups calling for the secession of the western United States as a Hispanic-only homeland."

Norwood urged La Raza to renounce its support of the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan – which sees "the Race" as part of an ethnic group that one day will reclaim Aztlan, the mythical birthplace of the Aztecs. In Chicano folklore, Aztlan includes California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Texas.


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This article by Washington Post Charles Krauthammer says it perfectly.

Charles Krauthammer : Sotomayor: Criticize, then Confirm -

I'm not sure I agree with his assertion that Republicans should go ahead and vote to confirm her, though. My feeling is, if anyone feels she shouldn't be on the court, they should vote to filibuster, or if that doesn't work, vote no.

In my opinion, Frank Ricci's story puts up a red flag for Sotomayor, one big enough to keep her off the court.


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Here are a few more reasons for all of those that value their unalienable constitutional rights; should do everything they can to oppose the nomination of Sotomayor to the SCOTUS...
(hound your senators!)

Gun Owners of America - Obama Picks Anti-gun Judge for the Supreme Court -- Time to start contacting your Senators right away:

Obama Picks Anti-gun Judge for the Supreme Court

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Sotomayor - Bad on Guns:
Disarming Sotomayor - HUMAN EVENTS

Sotomayor's gun control positions could prompt backlash:
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Obama's court pick, Sotomayor, keeps gun stocks soaring:
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Sotomayor Hostile to Gun Rights, Scholar Says:
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KLUKOWSKI: Gun Issue Heats Up for Sotomayor and Supreme Court:

Email, Snail-mail, Fax, Telephone and otherwise hound your two Senators with the facts about Sotomayor and Constituent opposition to her nomination; further respectfully iterate that failure to oppose her nomination will be remembered at the voting booth...
Moreover, emphasize that a supporting confirmation vote for Sotomayor will be considered a vote against the Second Amendment and the Constitution...

Sonia Sotomayor’s Second Amendment Problem:

Two point and click ways to contact your senators:

NRA-ILA :: Action Center

U.S. Senate: Senators Home

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