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That was outstanding! Those girls are blessed with tremendous pipes, harmony and range! Wow - you gotta love Texas!

(Even if it is Texas Tech's center court...)

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The land of the free...

Less and less, everyday.

A lot of us are wage slaves the way it is. Working, working, working, just to provide for family and self, nothing left for play.

It's going to get worse before it gets better. Let's HOPE there are enough people fighting it that it WILL get better.

Lots can't fight it very well, they are too busy trying to earn enough to stay alive.

I pray for all those who think Obama has the answer. All you who did vote for him, you CAN'T fix things by spending money you don't have. All Obama has done is spend, spend, SPEND, SPEND money that we, the people, don't have.

If he doesn't stop doing that, our great, great, great Grandchildren will still be paying for the money he is spending now.

We ask God to help us, and I think He may be thinking that we, as a country, have disowned Him, and makes Him wonder why he should help us anymore.

Better do a LOT of praying, people. Because we sure aren't doing very well at fixing it on our own.

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