Some questions regarding a Non-Resident permit.


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* Following successful completion of all testing requirements, the permit applicant must submit the following to his/her local law enforcement agency: the application, two color photos (size 1" X 1¼") and a check for $45 made payable to the ND Office of Attorney General. The applicant’s fingerprints are taken at the local law enforcement agency.
* The local law enforcement agency will review the application, conduct a local background check, determine the applicant's eligibility for the permit, and forward that information and the fingerprints to the BCI.
I am applying for a Non-Resident permit. Just want to ask is this my local law enforcement agency in PA or is this going to a law enforcement agency in North Dakota?

Sorry if this sounds bizarre! Just wanted to clear this up! Also if I am legal to carry in ND but not in PA (as I am not 21.). Can my local law enforcement prevent me from getting a permit?

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My opinion:

This is NOT your local PA police. They have nothing to do with the process. The instructions are written for ND residents so they are referring to local ND police.

I would suggest Contact the BCI at (701) 328-5500...they will tell you where to send it.

You do know you have to take a ND class IN ND right?

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Inasmuch as I live in ND, I am curious why anyone would want a non-resident permit from this state. I mean, the ND CWP, while recognized in enough states to be handy, would certainly not be my first choice for a non-resident permit.

Just recently, ND has initiated 2 classes of permits (Class 1 and Class 2), wherein the requirements to get a Class 1 permit are more rigorous. The expectation is that the Class 1 permit will eventually be recognized in more states. Be aware of this.

Personally, I'd look at UTAH for a non-resident permit as it's recognized in FAR more states than ND currently (that's what I hold as a non-resident permit).
Thank you both for your answers. I will be contacting the BOI and I have no problem at doing a class in ND (it's a beautiful state so I look forward to visits anyways.)
I want a permit in ND as I can get it before I am 21 years old and because I enjoy visiting ND.

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