Some more liberal B.S.


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I think this guy has sniffed to much hair spray

Keith J. Midgen of Plano: Our malls should be safe from gun violence

KEITH J. MIDGEN of Plano: Our malls should be safe from gun violence

12:00 AM CST on Thursday, December 20, 2007

The malls of Collin County are certainly full of merchandise this year. Happily for retailers, despite a weak dollar and economic upheaval, traffic in these centers is expected to increase the closer we get to Christmas.

Indeed, the winter months from November to February include some important dates that encourage crowds of people to shop. But as the events in Westroads Mall in Omaha, Neb., this month and in Salt Lake City last February show, perhaps there is no safety in numbers.

Sometime next year, the Supreme Court is expected to hear the case of District of Columbia vs. Heller. The final decision may affect the interpretation of the Second Amendment for decades to come.

There are many Americans who are passionate about the right to own handguns, assault rifles and any kind of semiautomatic weapons in any amount. They cite the "right to bear arms" clause of the Second Amendment, which provides for protection of citizens against oppression by our government. It doesn't seem to matter that the overwhelming might of a ruthless, determined government could crush any nascent rebellion quite quickly whether the "people" are armed or not.

Critics of any type of gun control argue that Israel, U.S., and Britain encountered stiff opposition in their asymmetric conflicts against terrorists and the IRA. But truth be told, these engagements were limited in scope and firepower.

It is worth considering that, according to the Violence Policy Center, there were more than 130,000 homicides in America involving firearms from 1990-1997. By contrast, fewer than 5,000 Americans have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, during Desert Storm and the war against terror over a similar period of time. Unbelievably, there are more than 65 million handguns in private hands in this country.

Though the Supreme Court has never overturned any gun control law, it is unlikely that the new conservative justices will interpret differently the intent of the Second Amendment as it is currently understood. If that happens, what should malls do in order to ensure a safer shopping experience for their customers?

For one, if mall owners decide that the costs of preventing casualties will eat up too much of their profits, they should at least keep open only those entrances that can be adequately safeguarded by security personnel and metal detectors. If large art and natural history museums in America and Europe can do this, why can't malls?

Second, would it be too much to ask if we would be prepared to submit to random searches, just as we do at the airport? Security guards could also focus on teenagers who appear to be bulkily dressed or, more important, those who wear camouflage fatigues and Army boots.

Additionally, it might be helpful if parking lots could be patrolled by part-time undercover police officers whose powers of observation should be more refined than other casual spectators. After all, a potential user of a rifle would have to retrieve it from inside the trunk or interior of a car. He would find it difficult to drive with one stuck up his jacket.

The holidays are, by definition, a joyous and generous time. We would prefer that the recipients of our gifts are around to receive them. As families, it is our duty to monitor and care for those relatives who may be depressed or experiencing difficulties. They certainly should not have unrestrained access to weapons.

As the VPC Web site says: People injure, guns kill.

Let's stop playing out the farce that the Second Amendment represents. Do we really think that America could be a dictatorship or that the Bill of Rights is inherently precarious? If we do, maybe we need to flee to Mexico, like our retirees, while the going is good.

The Founding Fathers didn't trust everyone to vote directly; they shouldn't have trusted some of us to have guns, either.

Keith J. Midgen of Plano is retired from the hair and beauty business. His e-mail address is [email protected]


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Plain BS.

The above post is the all too common response to an out of control or demented persons actions. I'm at a loss how to respond to the "nanny state concepts" of so much of the general public. I would guess the best we can do is to support those organizations that do try to educate the public, stay on top of what legislation or judicial actions that we may be able to influence, and present ourselves as good citizens that the public cannot depict as lawless or dangerous to them in any way. It is frustrating to be viewed as a potential danger to the public, when the reality is just the opposite.:(


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Sailor, you may be right. But I, for one, am getting tired of having to apologize for simply wanting to exercise a God-given, Constitutionally-recognized Right, whether I choose to exercise it or not. I'm approaching that place I refer to as the "Fuggit Factor", if I may be allowed to modify it a bit for family consumption . . . that place where I find myself not giving a damn about the consequences, let the chips fall where they may. I get scared of me when I get like this, because I tend to throw caution to the wind, and that's not good. Maybe Ron Paul IS the best choice after all.


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I'll send him a ticket

to Mexico (where ironically there are military and paramilitary troops walking around with full-auto assault weapons and when they search you it hurts!) if he would just promise to go and stay forever.

Yes, metal detectors at every door, search on demand (especially if you fit the combat boots and fatigues "profile" this guy dreamed up for crazed shooters), parking lot monitors who are really "undercover police officers whose powers of observation should be more refined than other casual spectators" and so on.

Wait, how about we setup these camps in the desert Southwest, Montana and Alaska (a couple in Louisiana and Florida swamps) where we could attempt to educate these errant citizens concerning their aberrant thinking and even use their savage skills to reclaim land or build a road occasionally? We could call them uh.....stalags? No, how about..mmm...gulags? No, wait , Rehabilitation Centers for Our Neanderthal Brothers? Yes, this will enable Enlightened Man to live in his utopia where Kumbaya, rose-colored glasses and no locks on doors are the standard for the new society. Just have to work on the acronym but now we are on the right track! Now to just find a few doctors to diagnose this sad condition......

Too much hairspray....funny.


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this dingaling

obviously doesn't know that not everyone in the good ol'USA can own guns. crooks{!!} ex-cons, mental handicapped{ like my oldest son} cannot own guns. this turd obviuosly doesn't have a clue. fyi, my oldest son has autism. and he has more sense than this...... person.

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