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Hey, can I get a few opinions on kimber's new solo carry pistol? Anybody have one, shot one? Love it or leave it?


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Picked up my new Solo Stainless, cleaned, oiled and took it to the range. Below are the types of ammo used and results.

-Federal 124gr Hydra Shok JHP: 80 rounds with no problems at all.
-Federal 135gr Low Recoil Hydra Shok: 40 rounds with no problems at all.
-Rem. 124gr Golden Saber JHP: 75 rounds with no problems at all.
-Federal American Eagle 124gr FMJ (range ammo): 50 rounds with no problem.
-Remington UMC 115gr (which Kimber says not to use) FMJ: 49 rounds with no problem, purposely limp wristed one round and the case did not eject.

The trigger is by far the crispest one of its class. If you want to feel how different a trigger can be, try the LC9.

The gun store I bought it from said that they have sold 15 Solos and one had to be sent back to Kimber. The other 14 didn't. It didn't twist in my hand as someone else mentioned. It's small, but it's supposed to be. Ive read many reviews about Solos that don't work. This one worked perfect. Great gun for what it's meant for - a pocket 9 for carry. Drop it in a Cross Breed Super Tuck Deluxe and you'll forget you're carrying.


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Kimber Solo

Great Conceal Carry Firearm...although I preffer and would suggest the Springfield XD Sub Compact, 40 Cal. Ready to go right out of the box unlike the Glock. Glock needs to many after market upgrades just to try to get even with the XD. Kimber Solo is a Great Manufacturer and the Solo is ready to take care of business and keep you safe.


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This is my primary carry gun. I had one jam with fiocchi but this ammo is not recomended for the solo. It seems that the first round with a fully loaded mag sticks a little. Other than that I love this gun. I have a carry and am going to get a stainless carry as soon as I can find one. Good luck finding one.

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