Socialism to Communism no room for guns


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We know Obama has socialist ties - Link Removed

From Link Removed

Socialism starts with nationalization of the main means of production - the plants, factories, agri-business farms and everything necessary to produce what society needs. The large monopoly corporations and banks come under public ownership, that is, under the collective ownership of the entire working class and people, who have the leading role in building socialism. Socialism also means public ownership of the energy industry and all the natural resources

A socialist government draws up plans covering the entire economy

All education will be tuition-free. Every person will have access to unlimited medical and health care without charge

With capitalism gone, crime will also begin to disappear

From - Link Removed

Communists advocate socialism as the first phase of a new stage of society, but we don’t think that social and economic development will end at socialism. We see socialist society eventually leading to a higher phase—communism—where the capitalist class and all classes will have disappeared, replaced by a commonwealth of all working people, and where national and racial enmity and prejudice will be things of the past

Bill of Rights Socialism would maintain and extend democratic rights in the U.S.—the rights to free speech, to free assembly, to freedom of religion, to a secular government, to be free from corporate domination, and to be free of unwarranted government intervention in the lives of individuals (Freedom to bear arms???)


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No, because the people who want to keep what they earn would use those guns to take back what's their's. There is no room for descenting opinions. that is why communism will never work. Oh, and the whole, the top officials don't stick to it


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He doesn't want to run the banks and automakers.

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President Obama during his prime time news conference Wednesday night said he is hopeful Chrysler will remain a viable company--and that the federal government will be able to remove itself from the auto industry.

"I don't want to run auto companies, and I don't want to run banks," Mr. Obama said. "I've got two wars I've got to run already--I've got more than enough to do."


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"...all of us here at the policy-making level have had experience with directives...from the White House.... The substance of them is that we shall use our grant-making power so as to alter our life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."
H. Rowan Gaither, Jr., President - Ford Foundation (as told to Norman Dodd, Congressional Reese Commission 1954)

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