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We also need a few more in Veterans and Guns and the Beretta forum.

Luke, some of the forums have more than 5 members now.
Social Group membership is Free my Friend!

Howdy LeavingMASS,
Social Groups are created by a charter that makes some sense. K.I.S.S. They form only if members join, normally the moderator is an expert in what the forum covers, he/she is not suited to the task if all they can provide is opinions not cold hard facts backed-up with legit links to legal, safe and lawful URL's and many years of experience with the subject other patrons may not have. Some better than average computer skills help too. A lot of what needs to be said can be said in an internal USA Carry private e-mail to a patron, especially if we start talking personal matters not suited for WWW display. Did U know that EVERY public post to USA Carry can be found running a Google search and they archive their stash for 10 years? If you seek an audience that is global then here you will find it! Like real names and addresses, phone #'s and private e-mails for starters that are foolishly or by malice cut & pasted into public forums. I am the moderator for 'Vets and Guns'. BFD, I just thought it up and found a way to put it into social groups without breaking any rules or regs. We do need more than the 4 members we currently have B 4 I can go forward to Luke and request he review the charter, his take on my verbiage will be Gospel and the charter for that social group, his site, my special interest, the 2 must jive. I found this somewhat of a good try at a heavy sell: "I'm offering FREE membership to the first 10 people that sign up at USA Carry AK owners club" It's all free my friend, or are you and Luke running a pay-4 op on the side? JK! Find a social group that U R wanting to join, send a private e-mail to the moderator including ALL your experience and potential value to his/her group and wait for a 'yes' or 'not today' response.
I would like more members of Vets (1/4-1/2 the CCW patrons I suspect of USA Carry are Vets, and I am getting real close to being the long-winded ONLY poster of diatribes so far about the only subject of note is PTSD and that is such a very small part of the entire life of any Vet, and the volunteer work I do (off USA Carry) to turn screwed-up Vets just old enough to be my own kids who have left their brains and bits of their body in Iraq or Afghanistan, then I try to rebuild them into something I enjoyed at their age, good health and dreams of better times to come, learning how to be become a soldier then a medic. In my case it's the opposite: deprogramming them if they stay clean and sober and I don't work with female Vets major conflict of interests I would never do as a DAV or American Legion full time veterans service officer (VSO), I job I was offered but the workload is a 12-hour day, 7 days a week of just too many I could not keep up with, ergo not fully help, just toss them a pile of forms & leave, the standard of most VSO's I know who lack the time or specific knowledge to really help the disabled, confused and frustrated or angry or numbed-out Vet fresh back from active-duty broken in mind & body, waiting a year on no pay for paperwork to come back disapproved because it was NOT submitted perfectly, some small service I do for free and only because it still lets me help at a speed I can handle with a Vet who is not compensating with drugs or booze, the staples of self-healing that seldom work and almost assure no V.A. care. So I take my wards 1 at a time from the waiting rooms of my local V.A. hospital and ask them how's life going. It takes me about 3-6 months of hard work just to cut thru all the red-tape legally and often get them exactly what they need for their sacrifices from new job training to college to the worst-case 100% disabled and lives ended before they even began, at least cash compensation and cut-rate or free V.A. care. All the (21) JPG's on 'Vets and Guns' are my uploads and after 20 I won't post anymore until I see some original and powerful company with a short narrative under each. I would gladly surrender that to another Vet but I have the military and medical and VA-regs I can quote by heart that few say infantry Vets know a neoplasm is not something good to hear, it's a 10-cent medical word for cancer and bad news. Take a full history, gather corroborating statements and use my computer skills to turn a young disabled Vet who I take on board and make sure that Vet gets a good fair honest Comp & Pen V.A. hearing & rating in medico-legal terms only most lawyers would dare use. So when I get an offer from some Vet more capable of doing what I do very well has over 30 years as active duty under the belt and 10+ as a disabled Vet experience with DAV, American Legion, VFW, etc, solid membership, then I may throw them the keys and tell them the job is theirs. AK's are some fine weapons, but even the most common or best weapons in use by us CCW patrons seldom generate a true expert with the time to moderate a group and forsake valuable range-time, doubt that ask Luke how much time he spends shooting and how much keeping USA-Carry legit, legal and a good place to meet your fellow-minded citizens. "So hurry before all spots are filled up there is no fee for sharing a common theme or favorite weapon." When 5 members join it goes to Luke M. for inclusion/or exclusion into his social groups sub-forum 'special interest section for 'kindred souls' full posting rights in text and uploaded pictures. Sorry no copyrighted © or ® stuff period, no offensive to the general patronage of USA Carry statements or videos or JPG's, no Spam, no links to risky out of the USA or Euro domains infected web-sites that can crash a patron's computer with just one visit, or grossly OT runs of non social-groups posts/threads. Simple: keep it on the subject or post it to one of the many other real established forums or the picture gallery. The moderator should IMHO know the subject way above just owning one or been one claims to fame as your members will hit you with heavy questions only a master/expert of the subject matter could answer correctly. Know your stuff, apply for inclusion, expect the moderator to look over your previous posts, how many and where you made them and about what, and maybe even check out your home-page or a Facebook © or run a Google search on your name/handle for past WWW profiling. Links and wisdom are great, plagiarism is frowned upon unless you give the royalty credit to the person who originally did the leg work or owns that © on the article, picture, story, poem or artwork. Even then it's a risk if the owner wants royalties to use it on any web-site. One-line comments (IMHO) serve one purpose outside of cell-phones text-messaging, they say in 1 short sentence what a member feels and provide nothing in return but one opinion (BFD!), many want to hear a bit more, like what brings U to that conclusion or was it something U saw in American Rifleman? Even a great social group will fall on it's butt FAST if it contains 1-2 JPG and a few 'It's a great gun!" posts. Lurk & learn from those who do know the subject matter inside out B 4 U apply. Remember a moderator can let you in as fast as cast you out for patterns of screwing up something that drives the social group, their lives, hobby, job or calling of the group's other members reactions. I'd love to see a 'LEO's and Guns' social group, a 'Non-Lethal Self Defense' group full of gizmo$ and tactics that don't make me take a life, an aggrevated assualt rap beats a murder-2 any-day if it takes the BG out of endangering you or yours! Then maybe one day a 'Female Only' social group which can have males in as token members who may say provide links to abuse shelters or news on women's shooting competitions in your area, or help in so many other areas, she may even teach U a few ways that a pamper can make one hell of a quiet KA-POW! But NO ILLEGAL STUFF, 'K? The armed fairer gender IMHO have a lot to say but not much of an advocate (sorry gals I am your advocate 4 now but only you have your tales to tell about CCW that are way different from mine but just as valid). More so in fact as often you are the victim not the armed citizen who legally puts a BG behind bars. That social group IMHO needs a strong-willed female intimate with the special needs of being good with guns, and even better with handling people, sheeple, kids/guns & safety!, cops & BGs who tend to rape as well as roll you for a final insult us guys seldom get outside of jail! A woman who can take the (daily) time to keep the group running is IMHO a vital asset. They do not run by themselves and require almost daily inspection of posted material, or God only knows what your social group morphed into after a week of no moderation. Normally the moderator will follow Luke's general USA Carry and forum rules: "If you do not have something good to say to or about a patron, best keep it to yourself." But healthy/friendly squabbles over people, places and things add to the tempo of the group, if you make his rules yours then if gets down to a flame-outs, Troll-wars or unwanted sexual comments/invites or cut-downs, you may need his advice and help blocking a troublesome annoying no-gooder from ruining what you try real hard to keep together.
I hope this post gives you some guidance, I do not speak for USA Carry but I sure support what it stands for, plus I am a moderator of a fledgling social group, a member of another who is learning as I go and passing this onto you so you don't have to do it by trial and error as I have to date.
Good luck and when I get an AK it will be a CZ-USA VZ 58 Tactical Sporter, not really an AK, just a very good rebuild for around a grand.
BTW, exactly how much were U going to charge me to mix with fellow AK junkies, or must I buy Chairman Mao's 'Little Red Book' 1st? :)
My regards,


C.C. Copy Luke M.
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I'm thinking LeavingMASS was joking about only having 10 free signups as you can't control how many people a group has. And Canis, I'm not exactly sure what you are asking me about the group you run.
"And Canis, I'm not exactly sure what you are asking me about the group you run."
Simple Luke, I am running on fumes, 1 more member to go for the 'magic' 5 makes 'Vets and Guns' legit per your social-group minimum member requirement guidance. Thanks for letting me run with 4. Then me & U go to private USA Carry internal e-mail, hash out the verbiage of the 'charter', making it as K.I.S.S. as possible, then drop by and I'll give U free membership, but not moderation rights, howz dem terms?
I think you have your own social group and I'm a lowly member.
There are a LOT of Vets I suspect are cloaked USA Carry patrons/Vets who I invite to add their vast experiences with military-related posts, past, present or thinking about it. All branches welcome active-duty, reserves, retirees, Vets and gun spins preferred, but not required. If U R a Vet U have a gun story and prolly own one now, so brag about it there & u/l your JPG's from B&W WWII shots thru 'Nam to maybe your last tour in Iraq or Afghanistan, OPSEC allowing.
I have already posted most of the content and it ain't really a group if I don't have some members with their own news, views, stories, opinions or pictures to tell our story on your web-site. I'm posting 90% of the content now, but 'Vets and Guns' is not about me, my latest post walks Vets thru the process of starting an online claim for V.A. disablity rating, no one makes a career out of what we did without bits getting blown off or bad knees!
Now drop on by and check us out, a membership approval awaits you and any who served this nation in war or peace :)

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