So you're walking through the mall parking lot...

what they would do in that situation unless it happens,myself included.What I THINK I MIGHT do is...

Although I carry my Keltek .380 in a psuedo wallet in my back pocket and have always said that if the BG is touching me with his weapon, it would be mine, what you do and what you think you might do are two different scenerios. Even with martial arts training, looking down the barrel of a gun or having one jammed into the small of your back, causes your heartrate to jump to abou 170BPM, thus loosing the ability of basic motor skills.
A scenerio like this calls for a conditioned response; something that one needds to train for over and over, not just think about a couple of times...
later - Sam

A scenerio like this calls for a conditioned response; something that one needds to train for over and over, not just think about a couple of times...
later - Sam

You are completely right,Sam.
This is something I can train and practice with my Sun.At 15 yrs old,he's actually bigger than me(takes after his Grandpa) so we could make it pretty realistic.
First off, no one is going to approach me in a mall parking lot or any parking lot without my knowledge....Situational Awareness 100%.

Second, if someone was approaching me and my spidey senses were tingling, and could see the signs of a gun about to be drawn I would "move, shoot, and live." I practice to draw and shoot 2 rounds in 1-1.5 secs (no bullshit). With that speed, the badguy is has the disadvantage as he will now be reacting rather than acting.
Carry a dummy wallet

I carry a dummy wallet with a few bucks and those demo credit cards enclosed with credit card offers. Toss the dummy wallet, draw then duck for cover. If you believe you're going to end up in a chalk or tape outline then fire after drawing. Unfortunately every situation is different. If you believe the subject is going to run after getting the dummy wallet, file a report. Who knows, the incident may have been caught on some security camera somewhere.
Im of the mindset that no one approaches me unnoticed. Someone I dont know approaches me I am immediately on alert. By chance I get suprised, I might want to take the guy out in some cool gun fight but this aint hollywood and hes got the advantage, I am assuming the guy just wants my wallet, I give it up and live to fight another day. Not the cool answer but what the hell.
Paraphrasing Mrs. Gump

"Cool is as cool does."

Living through this type of experience is defnitely more "cool" than family and friends attending a funeral.


So, assess and take appropriate action.
We don't have columns in the parking lots in FL, but I suppose someone could walk out from behind an SUV. Hopefully I'd see the threat first, and my gf is like an AWACS, always looking forward and behind and getting worked up over anyone who looks even slightly suspicious. Four eyes are better than two.

Usually I put my hand either near or on the handle of my gun in a side IWB or side pocket-draw position if anything seems odd, so I've already got a bit of a start. Hopefully in such a situation I may be able to draw while seeking cover at the same time.

However, in a direct situation it would be a bad idea to draw on someone who already has a significant advantage; I'd give them the money and hopefully be able to get away at that point, or if I felt they were going to shoot after getting the money, then fire while they were distracted.

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