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So lets say I am carrying in a gun free zone...not that I do or would, but hypothetically speaking.

Recent events have got me thinking about some very real scenarios and one is a crazed gunman opening fire in a crowded area. If I return fire I suppose I expose myself as I am/was guilty of carrying in an area where it is not allowed. If I save you think I would be prosecuted?

I have to agree. I don't think they would care how many lives you saved. I think they would send you directly to jail. Just my opinion though.

you say "saved lives" so, if you're visualizing a Die Hard scenario, I'm thinking that they would not prosecute unless they were mandated to do so.

IF, you were picking up your kid at school with your trusty 9mm close at hand and a gang of known psychopaths attacked, forcing you to pull and drop a couple while disabling a couple more then I gotta believe you would have a damn good chance to get away without prosecution.

Actually, at least three people have gotten away with it, probably more, although they didn't kill anyone. I'll look them up and get back to you
It depends on where it happens. Here in Texas the Grand Jury might no bill you. Heck you could even get a medal. Other places that are not 2nd amendment friendly like the Peoples Republic of Chicago, New York, Kalafronia might hang you in the public square.
Carry and using guns in gun-free zones

None of these folks were prosecuted for carrying unlawfully.

Incident Number 1

1997 - Pearl High School, Pearl, MS - Joel Myrick, the assistant principal, retrieves a .45 pistol from the glove compartment of his truck, then runs back to the shooting scene (a gun-free school) and subdues 17 year old student Luke Woodham. Woodham had just killed 2 students and wounded 7 others.

You can read Ayoob's analysis here: Link Removed

Incident Number 2

2002 - Appalachian Law School, Grundy, VA - Mikael Gross and Tracey Bridges, both LEO's, run to their cars, retrieve their personal weapons and return to find that the shooter has killed 3 and wounded 3 others before dropping his weapon and being subdued by another student (former Marine and police officer).

How many injuries and lost lives could have been avoided if these individuals had been allowed to have carried on thier persons that day?
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I think it would depend on the state law as well as the 'type' of the way it's off limits. If its no carry by state law, then you might very well face prosecution. If it were to be a private business who has it posted, I think there would be less inclination to do so. Mind you, I'm no lawyer, just trying to think this through using a little common sense.
If something like that happened I'd request a jury trial and get the best lawyer I could find. In most states it's only a misdemeanor charge anyway. Chances are they may drop the charges if you pushed for a trial especially if you saved lives by your actions.
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If it was on a private property with a "no guns" sign posted by the owner, then I believe the most you could be charged with would be trespassing, which I would gladly accept if it meant saving lives.....
In America we love to hang our heros. You would be glorified one minute and before you knew it would be facing charges. Not to mention the media smear campaign that would begin the next day, no good deed goes unpunished.

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