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Hello all. I havent' posted in a long time.
Just switched to a full frame 9 from an aluminum compact Sig P245 .45 ACP. The first time I fired the Smith I hated it. I'm not used to the striker fire/trigger system. Took about 400 rounds for me to "break in". In the beginning, I was pulling all my shots to the left. After the first 200 rounds I started to see the hits move right until I was on target.
On a side note, I was thinking about picking up a Walther P380 for my girlfriend. She is rather petite and has a hard time chambering even the 9 and recoil bothers her. Anyone know if this would be a good gun for her? My local range doesn't have one available for rent.



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I am a woman with smaller hands, and I shoot and M&P 9mm and I love it. I'd let her try yours with the smaller palm swells.


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Order the Apex Tactical M&P Action Enhancement Kit for the M&P9 and have a gunsmith install it... It fixes the creepy trigger on some of the M&P pistols. I've installed 3 kits and have had great results... Trigger pull comes down to a smooth 5lbs. Reset is about 3/16" off the stop... Reliable stuff. I took my M&P40c to Front Sight, put 700 rounds through it with no issues after the mod... This would be a big help for better trigger feel...

Welcome to Apex Tactical Specialties, Inc.

As far as the gun for the gal, She is gonna have to pick that one... Find a local range that rents them and have her try a few... Small .380's can be a handful also...

Good luck..


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What about the S&W 380 Body guard

The trigger on that thing is a bit much... I put about 24 rounds through one and was not really impressed. The trigger is very long and stiff.. For a small carry gun, I'd look at the Khar CM9... It's 9mm but not all that bad to shoot...


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I've had her try the M&P with the small palm swell. She still flinches with the recoil.
She has also tried my .38 spl. She uses both index fingers to pull vie trigger in double action and I have to buy light loads as tic 158 grain has too much recoil.
She is 5'5" and 95lbs. She has crohns disease. Perhaps we should move this over to the women and guns section?


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As for the trigger on the M&P, I don't mind the creep and the weight seemed to have dropped over time. Like I said, I think I needed to get used to the trigger system. It shoots great now and I love the 17+1 over my Sig's 6+1.


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I have the Walther PPK and the PPKS, SigP238, Ruger LCP and the S&W Bodyguard. As far as .380's go, they are all good guns, but they all have differences that really require the user to select the best one for them. Grip, slide, trigger pull, trigger positioning, sight picture, weight and recoil all differ greatly. I would suggest having your girlfriend try a few different ones on for size before you make the purchase.


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Never tried the M&P 9, I have a FNH 9 that shoots and fills really good and is pretty light compared to other guns it's size.

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