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The vast majority of the time I either smartcarry or pocket carry. Sometimes I IWB, but rarely. I have gotten to the point that part of getting dressed in the morning means putting on the smartcarry. After much trial and error I have come to realize, as Charlie does say on his site, that wearing the smartcarry as low as possible is the best way to wear it. It should NOT be around your waist but rather down around your hips.

With boxers on the elastic band should be well below 2-3" the waistband. With something skimpier it should still be on the cloth of your underwear. My point being that even if it was rough (which it is not) it will not dig into you.

And, in my experience, as long as you don't have too big of a belly it is still much easier to draw from a smartcarry sitting in a car than it is from a pocket holster.

It's not my only method of carry but definitely one I don't think any CCW person should be without.


My SmartCarry gets used every Sunday at church. We have a great bunch of guys that like to give ya a big ol' hug. Not the place for IWB I tell ya! :p
SC solution to belts

A Smart Carry is tough to get to when you have your britches cinched up with a belt..this is how I remedy that....

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Link Removed
Yeah I know..I posted a "similar" picture on another forum, and somebody QUOTED it so the pic got posted twice and it was as big a shock the 2nd time! Wonder if it will happen here? :D:eek:

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