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I have read many forum posts on whats the best concealment holster to wear. I have bought a few and looked at websites about others. But I read, and I believe it was here, about the "smart carry" and I have to say I wasn't impressed when I first saw a picture of it but I looked at the website and I was impressed so I bought one. Like any holster you have to fool with a bit to get it where you want and get used to it which doesn't take long. It is by far the most comfortable I have worn. Yes you may not get the quickest draw with this but it aint bad.This is my favorite holster to use, especialy in summer when concealment is much harder. I am 5' 11" and 248 and it's comfortable.

Just thought I would pass this along and maybe help someone who is looking for another concealment option.:to_pick_ones_nose:

I've used Smart Carry for several years, for everyday carry. It has a few limitations, but many more advantages. I put it on when I wake and take it off when I retire for the evening. I also have a drawer full of holsters, but this is my everyday one. I carry a Ultra Carry Kimber, or a Glock 27; depending on trousers. SF - 0311
RE: Smart Carry

I am still new to CCW and heard about the Smart Carry early on so I bought one. It's the only holster I have outside of the one that came with my XD-40. I love it! I wore it a lot with shorts during the summer with a tank top not tucked in and NO BODY ever susspected I was carrying. I recommend it! Jazzman
You sound like me @ 5'11' 245lbs.

The "Smartcarry" is definitely the most comfortable holster I've ever "worn". I've bought/used others; but the "Smartcarry" remains my preferred holster.

I've actually thought about why this is; until I realized that you actually "carry" all IWB and OWD type holsters. The "Smartcarry" is actually an article of clothing that you "wear". I think this fact makes a HUGE difference in comfort.

I also use a "Supertuck" occassionally; especially in the winter months. But, I can't see the "Smartcarry" ever becoming my alternate method of carry. As it stands now, the "Smartcarry" will always be my preferred carry holster.

I can carry my 24/7 ProC, extra magazine and tactical flashlight in my "Smartcarry" with concealment and complete comfort.
I use my smart carry holster all the time. it is pretty comfortable even with a full size pistol in it. it doesn't tug on your pants as some other holsters do. I like to keep the grip above my belt line and wearing a shirt not tucked in covers it up nicely and would make a faster draw.
I'm 6'1" 340 and use Smart Carry but I roll it onto my right thigh because the hammer would otherwise poke a hole in my belly and let all my air out...and stuff.:biggrin:
My only problem with my smart carry is when i wear it under jeans, the back of the metal button can, and has, scratch the slide on my Ruger. Wearing it with pants with a sewn button has never been a problem, but if i want to wear it under jeans i have to tuck a shirt between the gun and jeans, or keep adjusting it to make sure it doesn't slide up to the button.
Charlie has sent me 3 different smart carry's over the years -if different sizes. I love 'em. I've canoe tripped for weeks, rode moutain bikes, dirt bikes, off road wheeled in our rock crawler, walked, hiked, etc...all with a smart carry.

the smart carry is even comfy for me to sleep with (I'm a back sleeper)

got the "tub of holsters" like many...lots of mistakes in there (for me)

Smart Carry, Tommy's gun pack, and at times (winter- heavy coat) has me with Nemisis pocket holster for any of the snub's or the Glock in the rotation.

Good thread - great mode of carry (to me)
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I'm going to buy the Smart Carry for it's reason. Though I did come across a You Tuber who says there is a possibility of the weapon firing in the Smart Carry (OuCh :fie: ). Go to You Tube and search Smart Carry you shoul find it.

Here's one for you guys and gals, ever heard of Kholster??? Link Removed. It seems like a nice alternative to Smart Carry and there are modifications you can do to it apperantly.

I'm definitely purchasing a Smart Carry today, my only dilemma is should I buy two Kholsters (one for my XD 40 and one for my .38 special) OR one Kholster for my XD and a leg holster for my .38. CHOICES CHOICES I feel like my girl at a mall ha ha ha :laugh:
how is the smart carry while sitting down?

I heared it fairly comfortable if you have a compact gun. I wouldn't recommend it if you're using a 1911, Desert Eagle, or S&W 500. One issure I heard of while sitting down is drawing your weapon from that position.

The key to this type of conceal carry is baggy clothing...and no, not clothing like what rappers wear but reagular baggy pants.
Here's a tactical fanny pack that I like a lot
The only thing is you just have to feel alright about wearing a fanny pack.

I use a fanny pack a lot here in Texas when the weather gets hot. Wearing shorts and a t shirt that is just about the only way to carry unless you want to just carry a bug. Let me know how the quality is on this fanny pack. It is a lot cheaper than many so I might try one.
how is the smart carry while sitting down?

VERY comfortable!

You will have to experiment with what is most comfortable; wearing it high or low. I found with a large hg like the XDM or 1911, I like to wear it high. Others swear the lower you wear the "Smartcarry" the more comfortable.

I bought one for my XDM 40; but I use it for my 24/7 ProC and my Bersa. Charlie designed it for his 1911; so the "Smartcarry" was designed for comfort and concealment of a "Fullsize" handgun.

As for those who are thinking about a Kholster, I would suggest a Crossbreed "Supertuck" instead.
I was looking at the kholster and the cross breed. They look pretty much the same to me, but the kholster is half the price. I am curious why you recommend the cross breed.

BTW I also have a smart carry. I do use it, but with my tight jeans, I have not found it very comfortable. I am new to CCW and can't carry at work, so I haven't had much chance to get used to anything yet.
Can you wear the Smart Carry at any position other than 12 oclock? I am looking for something that has some flexibility and that will allow the gun to be pointed down and away from any vital organs. It I see the pictures correctly, the barrel of the gun would be pointing at one of my most vital organs.:biggrin:

Can you wear the Smart Carry at any position other than 12 oclock? I am looking for something that has some flexibility and that will allow the gun to be pointed down and away from any vital organs. It I see the pictures correctly, the barrel of the gun would be pointing at one of my most vital organs.:biggrin:


Neal, The Smart Carry is like a very thin fanny pack that is worn inside your slacks. It is best worn low, well below the belt, so it is not pointing at the family jewls, but rather sitting on top like a cup. :wink::wink: If you are a large man, you may be able to turn it to different positions, but I don't think it would be comfortable or practical.

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