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Well my words don't really kill people. I think that's the difference. Words are strong, but they don't shoot bullets that physically hurt someone. Besides, how many people can you think of off the top of your head that you'd just LOOOOVEEEEE to need a permit to speak? That was a joke.... Kind of... regardless, there may not be studies done on if having a CCW makes a difference, but I still think it's a good idea to have laws in place requiring people to register themselves as gun owners. I know, I know. The BAD GUYS don't have to, so why do the good guys? Well, for the same reason the bad guys go to jail when they use their guns. It really makes you think twice before pulling that gun out. There's been a few times where i've wanted to pull my gun out and stick it in someone's face to get them off my back, but those laws keep me from doing it. You know what? I'm glad! I want to know that if I feel the need to pull my gun out, it will be used as a last resort, NOT as a shortcut. Humans love their shortcuts (see: Segway). If we see an opportunity to do something the easy way, we'll take it. Generally speaking of course.

I DON'T want everyone to have a gun. That bellcurve of intelligence scares the crap out of me. I was vacationing in NYC this past week. I went to see the statue of liberty since I had never seen it in person before. Walking around it with my girlfriend, I heard someone say AND I QUOTE, "I can't believe they got that thing up there! I mean, it's so tall! God had to have helped them physically put that thing up there! It's just like the pyramids! God must have helped them do that 500 years ago."

FIVE HUNDRED YEARS AGO. That's when this guy thought the pyramids were built. God..... Now I believe in god, but I ALSO BELIEVE IN CRANES. AND PALLET/SLAVE TECHNOLOGY. This is the kind of average intelligence we're talking about. I reaaaalllllllllyyyyy don't want that guy in the possession of a firearm.

The right for everyone to be eligible to possess? Absolutely. SHOULD everyone possess? No. That's just the way I feel about it.


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Different rights

The freedom of speech is intended to protect the rights of us all to say things against the King without being disappeared in the middle of the night by his dragoons. Or to question our government. Or to say stupid, outrageous things. Essentially it is not to protect the most of us who stay within bounds - it is to protect those few who say offensive things or spout radical ideas. However it has its limits too, such as the old "Fire" in a theater analogy, or inciting riots, etc.

Applied to RKBA, protecting the offensive use of weapons would not work out well for most of us. So there is a world of difference between those rights, despite that both are considered unalienable rights of mankind. Reasonable restriction of the RKBA has been deemed constitutional, but the definitions vary widely from state to state. But since the central concept of the Constitution is a model with strong states and a weak central government, that too is as it should be. But it is true that the percentage of any state population who hold CCW stays relatively flat, at around 1%, regardless of whether the process is shall-issue or may-issue.

Frankly, i think CT process is ridiculous. The only single thing of substance is the deep background check. Your pistol course didn't teach you marksmanship, just bare proficiency. It certainly didn't teach you how to clear a house, a room, how to evaluate the situation in a robbery before deciding whether to draw down. The letters from your references (that you wrote for them anyway) are meaningless. The basic felony/disqualifying misdemeanor check is really the only thing in the whole process that is real. The rest is smoke/mirrors meant to discourage applicants. IMHO, that is. Given the current political situation i guess we're lucky to have a CCW still available.

Back to the OP, why does it take so long? Because most people are so worn out from the process, they send in the application and never talk to their local PD to ask for status. I did. Many times. The Detective Sargent in charge of vetting the applications was at the time, deeply involved in internal investigations resulting in the fining and even prosecution of several officers, including a Sgt and Lt. Guess what town i'm from? Anyway, he apologized and practically begged for more time. In less than 2 extra weeks, i got my notice from the Licensing board.

Anyway, there are specific legislated timeframes that MUST be adhered to by the cops. If they pass 60 days, there are remedies you can seek - bypassing the locals and going to the Staties. I don't recommend that. I do recommend calling the PD, finding out who is in charge of your app, and talking to him/her. Let them know you're more interested than the other 20 schmucks in the stack of apps. Get to know him/her if you can. Remember, despite what it may appear, the majority of cops support an armed law-abiding citizenry. Besides, it'll give you a chance to ask intelligent questions, like "in my review of Title 29.38, it seems to say permitees can carry loaded pistol in the car. True? And what would you recommend as the correct way to handle a traffic stop if i was carrying and didn't want to alarm the officer?" Just stuff to show you've done your homework and will be a responsible gun-totin' redneck.


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