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A little background on what I am trying to accomplish…
I’m a Massachusetts resident where the particular hand gun I want to purchase is not sold (Glock or H&K).
I was told that being active duty military and stationed out of state I can make the purchase and bring it back into MA legally.

My question is can I have the weapon sold to me private sale in NC and then bring it to MA?
Does anyone know what paper work this transaction would entail?

Any resources, answers, or input is greatly appreciated.

To purchase a handgun, you MUST be a resident of the state where you are purchasing. The only way to purchase a handgun from another state is to have it shipped to a FFL dealer in your home state. That dealer will then conduct the transfer as a normal sale.

To solve your dilemma, move to New Hampshire!

Btw, H&K is not on the approved list?
Being active duty military stationed in another state may indeed make you a resident of that state for firearms purchases. If Massachusetts permits you to import otherwise prohibited firearms when you relocate back to Massachusetts, you may well be able to do it.

What does Massachusetts law say on the subject? Will the firearms dealer in North Carolina sell you the firearm?
I bought my first handgun as an active duty Marine in 2000. A buddy and I applied for a 'permit to purchase' at Jacksonville, NC PD. After fees and prints we were each issued a single permit to purchase. It is valid for one year and you trade it for the gun when you buy. You need this even if you buy at the PX. Your only restrictions would come from Mass laws (is it legal to own what you want?).

Transporting it home and owning/using it in Mass is outside the scope of my knowledge.

Good luck, Semper Fi, and check six
echo 5 sounds right.

I know as an active duty military member I have purchased firearms in 3 different states only one of which is my legal home of record. All I had to do was show my Military ID and a copy of my orders, if you no longer have those then the admin section can hook you up. Not even in California did I have any problem buying rifles or hand guns. Of course it just depends on th eknowledge of the dip stick behind the counter too. One bone head in Washington state at the local Wally world told me no but then I went to a sporting goods store and he said of course just bring in copies of your orders and Military ID.
No HK or Glock , Bummer! If Ted (the drowner) Kennedy had his way you would not be able to get any.

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