SKS Slamfire


Liberty or Death
I was reading an article about SKS slamfires and apparently someone died as a result of it. He was instructing a friend on how to use stripper clips on a russian SKS, when the clip triggered the firing pin. The first shot made the gun jump out of the man's hands, and begin automatically firing on the ground. Sadly, the last shot hit him in the face, killing him.

I own a Russian SKS myself. A while ago, I was showing a friend how the action on an SKS works. Like a fool, I was using live ammo in my house. (I'd never heard of a slamfire back then.) I let the bolt forward and it fired a single shot. Luckily, my dumbass was pointing it in a safe direction, and nobody (but my ego) got hurt. It scared the crap out of both of us, and I had to buy some drywall putty.

Moral of the story is, Always treat a gun as if it's loaded. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times. And be careful with SKS's.

Always point ANY gun in a safe direction. Don't forget about folks living upstairs or downstairs if you live in a multi story structure.

NEVER use live ammo to check the action of firearm.

Stay safe and be alert.

I had my SKS slam fire at the rang, no one was hurt, thats when I leared the SKS was not for me, I also have friend with them, that never have any problems at all with there SKS's........... Only takes one time for me........... Be Safe !
Good to know - I have a Russian SKS as well. I have not had that problem, but I will take extra precaution.
a slam fire of a sks is usualy caused by firing military ammo with corrosive primrer, a friend of mine bought one at a gun show along with 30rd. clips, he loaded the clip and insalled it then chambered a round in his trailer kitchen and it slam fired about 3 times before he got the clip out. 3 holes in celing,i took it apart and sure enough the firing pin was stuck in the fire possition,scared the s*** out of everyone. but he never fires it and let's it sit over night before he compleetly disassemble's and cleans it. but it did remind him of how a full auto sounds! been out of the marine's for 10 or so yrs.!!!:fie:
I have a SKS and had read about one slam firing. This concerned me so I did a little research and found a guy in Texas who makes a kit to fix the problem. this kit was $3X.XX. Well worth the cost. Its a simple fix you can go yourself. Be safe.
The SKS was designed to use an integral 10 round magazine and 10 round stripper clips. At one time a 20 round integral magazine was imported from China.
The detachable use of AK magazines seems rather silly to me, perhaps there is some good reason.

But the SKS does seem to be prone to stuck firing pins, either from design flaws or poor maintenance. I have a Russian SKS and it is a lot of fun to shoot, but It is a Russian so as Reagan said, Trust and verify. I never drop the bolt unless it is pointed in a safe direction and I am holding on to it securely.

I also have cleaned and checked the bolt and firing pin.
The firing pin in a SKS is free floating. When carbon, etc. bills up it sometime does not withdraw as it should causing it to not withdraw into the bolt. This then fires the next round. This kit has a spring around the firing, as most firearms do, forcing it to retrack after the hammer drops. Most of you folks know this already. I just wanted to be safe and not take a chance. But thats why they call it a accident.

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