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The Sioux City IA Journal is looking for comments on SD proposed legislation on allowing CCW on college campuses.

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I put down a comment and then had my legally armed student friend from another university also put in his two cents. Most of the comments thus far are extremely positive. There are the typical comments on how armed students would cause more chaos and that we are irresponsible drunk idiots. Oh I love some people out there. Too many people watch too many hollywood action movies and think that they are real. Funny that the evidence already existing does not support it. The few chaotic mass shooting and people getting hurt incidences I could think about all had to do with LEO. At thats just because they are more likely to all be there when something happens and encounter threats way more often. Anywho, any other students out there, please ring in to this comment board if y'all have a chance.


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Our comments

are showing now. Apparently they keep them for review for a 24 hour period to prevent threats, abuse and inappropriate content from just popping up. I assume that UOU Student was your friend and maybe you are one of those other posts near mine. Everyone should practice verbalizing their position - it helps when you have practiced it a time or two.
Yeah I give up. They held mine back. I mentioned the students in Texas that used hunting rifles to fend of the tower shooting of witman and the case in south west college where two law students stopped a shooter before he could do his deed. My buddy from UOU got his post on. But, for some discriminant and interesting reason, my posts have all been denied. I did not break any rules either. I just brought up real evidence from the past where armed shooters have made a difference in a college atmosphere and that there are no hollywood style shootings found where multiple students or a student who were legally armed approached an attacker in college. I have a feeling Sioux City Journal is doing a bit of filtering however. Honest the comment was positive and non attacking, I did not even swear. :) Anywho, i tried to post twice under the name "USU Student" and both times never showed up. Sigh...


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I started to write an empassioned plea for logic and common sense, but became discouraged about halfway through. Just cannot bring myself to complete it. My head is too bloody (from beating against the wall).

I liked this comment:

" has everyone gone nuts?!?!?! no students should NOT be able to carry guns on campus. ... It only takes one mentally unstable person with a gun to cause death, destruction, and grief for many, many people. "

So true. So, just maybe the presence of 2-3 mentally stable people with guns and the willingness to intervene will save you and others. Prohibiting responsible, law-abiding people from carrying their weapons deprives them of the ability to adequately defend themselves from others with a different purpose in mind.

Why do the anti-gun groups insist that this be regulated or addressed by ordinance rather than using the same methods used for repealing prohibition, granting women the vote, eliminating discrimination and so on? Simply because they say it is too important to trust to such a long and arduous process. Never mind that this was why the Founding Fathers setup the process for change that way in the first place. Never mind that in 40 years of attempts to "control guns" the violence has grown worse where they have enacted restrictive ordinances. Never mind that there is evidence that returning to the original meaning of the 2A reverses trends and saves lives. The truth is, they don't trust the governed to make a considered decision as to the applicability of the Second Amendment.
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Its amazing to be how many people do not trust college students. Yes, I know very well that there are a bunch of drunk "animal house" types everywhere. But, half those people cannot renew their driver's license let alone a ccw permit application. Granted even here in Utah it does not take rocket science to get through the course, shooting test, and payments. Its still an effort and a sign of responsibility. One of the tough guy cops here, we don't have many, once made the comment that he does not trust a ccw permit holder and would be extremely weary and concerned if he came across one. What the crap, no one trusts us. We show an intent and responsibility higher than many respected members of society and we can't be trusted with guns. laughable. I'm glad my university and state has trusted me. I take on this responsibility fully knowing the consequences of every action I make. GRRR

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