Simmons Red Dot Scope?


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Has anyone used a Simmons Red Dot Scope? I just got an email from Glockworld that has them on sale for $39.89. I wanted to eventually get a red dot for my ar15 and the price seems really good on this. I'm just wondering how they hold up and if anyone here has used one before.

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You get what you pay for

They are cheap, and don't hold zero in field conditions

BSA used to sell the exact same thing made in the same plant.

I would get something a little more high end like a holotech or an aimpoint.
I'm with Festus. Things you have to worry about with the cheaper red dots are:

1. Will it hold a zero?
2. Is it bright enough not to get washed out in the bright Florida sun
3. How much Parallax it has. Ones like Aimpoint and EOTech have little to none were the cheaper one have more.

But KimberRB has, I think, a BSA on his AR and has not had a problem with it yet.

Luke I have an almost new BSA red dot that I had on my Walther P22. If you would like to borrow it and see how you like it you're welcome to try it. Send me a PM.
Kimber PB is right I have a BSA on my AR-15 and it seems to work fine. It holds zero and has 8 settings so it don’t wash out in the sun. But it is not the EOTech, but again it did not cost me $350.00. One other thing make sure (as I have seen some do) it is not a BSA air gun site. They will not take the beating on a real gun.
lukem, I bought one for my AR-15. After two weeks and four trips to the range I took it off and put it on top of the gun safe. At $39 it is way over priced, I will sell you mine for half of that....LOL.

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