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I visited a Walmart in Granbury, Texas last year that had a sign posted that said something to the effect that you couldn't carry a weapon unless you were legal to do so. I don't remember the exact wording, but it got the point across that I was welcome to carry my firearm there.

I'm going to the Big Reno Gun Show at the Grand Sierra Resorts Casino in Reno tomorrow. I'll check out the current state of their signage and post another reply (possibly with photos) on Sunday or Monday.


If you could do that it would be greatly appriciated. I'm still torn as to going though the hassel of having to check my carry piece in at the airport... both here and coming home..... I've carried for a good number of years but don't fly very often.... hate to be hearded like a cow. Have never check a gun to fly.... have flown with one but that was a long time ago.....

I'm still waiting for the Islamic extremist in Britian to use their next batch of 'soldier rejects' by letting it slip they are going to be flying with exploding underwear....


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Flying these days is a major pain in the neck. Checking in the firearm and ammo is easy. It's your carry on stuff that's a hassle.
I'm going to the Big Reno Gun Show at the Grand Sierra Resorts Casino in Reno tomorrow. I'll check out the current state of their signage and post another reply (possibly with photos) on Sunday or Monday.


Still waiting for your report, please let me know. My friend and I have already decided to carry while there, so we probably need to know how much potential trouble we might be in.


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OK, I checked several entrances, including the main entrance, and could find no signs posted anywhere. They did have signs posted on easels in several locations that were only there for the gun show. The signs said that no unchecked firearms were allowed on the casino floor. To check a firearm, you had to go to a table where they inspected and zip tied it. I took a picture, which I will post as soon as my web host figures out why I can't access my web site. From what I could find, you won't run into any signs at the casino unless a gun show is in progress.
thanks for the report.... I presume the casino is different from the hotel and convention center proper.... I really don't plan to gamble and will be traveling around inside the hotel and meeting rooms... is it all mixed up or is there a specific seperation between them....

Every gun show I've been to ask you to 'check' any guns at the door and makes sure they are unloaded.... part of the show rules.


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If you read my post of the 15th you will note that the only sign is way to the right of the front door(main entrance)inside and is only about 4x6 inches in small writting. I was at the gun show sunday and could not find any other signs(except for the temp ones for the show). I know many were cattying with no problems. Always carry and never tell. Havefun in reno and be careful.


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I didn't notice that one. However, if a person who is actually looking for a sign can't find one, they can't be very concerned with the issue. Also, the whole place is kind of like one large building. There's no real separation between sections. I will continue to carry concealed there with no worries.


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Thanks again for the help

Never hurts to recon a place before going there... as I think I said before, if anyone needs something like this in the Greenville, SC area... don't hesitate to ask me!
Well boys and girls.... I've been there and back...

spent the last week at the Grand Sierra in Reno. I never did see a sign... anywhere... but I really forgot to look also... I only went in and out the front door once and the same for the side... I did go in and out of the rear loading dock about 50 times. That is one more big place! I can honestly say I've never been to a hotel that had a 50 lane bowling alley in it! Never stepped into the Casino itself but had some really nice meals and such.

No problem with checking a firearm at my airport or in Reno. No one batted an eye and everyone was very professional.

Delta did mess up and had sent me to detriot because there was a quick flight through Northwest to my home town from there... only problem was there was no such flight. So they had to scramble a little but got me home about an hour and a half late... the one checked bag with pistol didn't show up till today... but it was fine and even had another love note inside from the TSA.... they check it going too.

thanks again for you folks help and allowing me to be more comfortable with my first time checking a firearm and carrying in Nevada.

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