Sig Sauer P250 Recoil Spring Assembly


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My son bought a Sig P250 @ a gun show today. He shot 50 rounds. I have experience with some handguns (own a Sig 2022 9m) so we got the manual out to break it down.
It took a few minutes an a drop or two of oil to work the lever around to get it apart.
When the slide came off the gun the spring guide had cracked and the spring came loose.

OK, no big problem, the guy he bought it from has a place near where he lives when he gets home and is a Sig person. I feel he'll make things right.

My question is what are the options for replacing that plastic junk. I have searched the
internet and several places say they have a steel replacement but no picture.

Any help with this woul be appreciated. I wouldn't think I'm the first one with this question.



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Atleast you're son got to put 50 rounds through his. I just purchased my Sig Sauer P250,(NEW). I took it home and attempted to break it down to clean the packaging grease before shooting it, the take down lever also was seized, and when I finally took the slide off,the plastic tip on the end of the guide rod broke clean off, ejecting the spring. I have a Ruger 380 lcp that has the same style barrel and guide rod, but it's steel. I don't know why in the world would they would make a critical component of the gun, plastic. I read the instructions carefully, the take down lever was stuck no matter what position the slide was in. And after reading your post, I don't belive I made an error. I will be calling Sig today and asking for several replacements shipped to me and will recommend they take a second look at the guide rod.


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I bought a 9mm compact P250 in January. So far I've put 350 rounds through it and the guide rod is still intact. On a side note, the breakdown lever was dang near impossible to operate out of the box, but after a couple of cleanings and making sure to lube it, it has gotten MUCH easier to operate.

To answer your question, GrayGuns (just add the dot com) has replacement guide rods listed, but both the stainless steel and black finished varieties were out of stock when I checked. I have a feeling I'll eventually purchase one myself, if for no other reason than my own peace of mind.


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This is fairly common problem with the compact 9m p250. The rest of the 250 line comes with a metal guide rod, the 9mm compact comes with a plastic one like glocks. It is supposed to function better and put less wear on the gun...but they break..a lot. Call sig, they'll send you a metal one. It is actually the guide rod off another model (p238 i think???). My co-workers busted the first time he took the gun down, like yours, he called and had a replacement within days. Sig CS is pretty darn good.


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Called Sig last week and asked about this, I ended up ordering a new guide and spring just for my own piece of mind. The shipping invoice says "recoil spring guide, 228, 229, 250C-40/357, METAL". The spring apparently comes from the 9mm version of the 229. I swapped it into my gun and worked the slide (unloaded of course) a few times. The spring feels a lot stiffer than the one it came with, but then I haven't had time to put 350 rounds through it with the new spring, so it might just be the lack of wear on the new spring. When I called the service rep insisted their metal guide rod only came in stainless steel, but when I opened the package today it had a black finish on it, which matches my gun. If you're interested, the two parts together set me back $20.76 (US dollars, just in case anyone assumed I was Canadian or Australian), although if your original part broke, I have a feeling they might give you the replacement for free. Mine was still fine, so I have no problem having paid for a spare. The rep did say the shipping was usually about $15, but he waived it without my ever saying anything about what an insane rip off that would have been.

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