Sig Sauer P238 Recoil Spring


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Having a few Sig P238s in the family, I figured it might be a good idea to keep a few parts around cause they're cheap and you never know when you'll slip and lose something or the likes. All the Sigs in the family have serials up in the 27A06xxxx+ range, all have identical inner parts, and all work flawlessly. They supposedly all have the newest "flat" coil recoil spring.

Upon getting the new parts in the mail from Top Gun Supply, I decided to compare the recoil spring they sent, with the one from my personal P238 Nitron that I've put over 2000 rounds through, and had very hot on several occasions. Upon laying them side by side with the coils beginning at the same orientation, I was happy as I carefully looked down the springs and the coils of the new and old springs all lined up perfectly. I was tickled to see it wasn't more compressed than the new spring, but I was astonished as I reached the end and the new spring had exactly one extra loop to it making it about 1/4" longer. I just went and checked my wife's Equinox that has also been well broken in and her's is identical to mine; lines up perfect but is one loop shorter.

Having had no issues with the guns at all, I somewhat wonder if this is a newer or older revision of the spring for this pistol. My Nitron is from March 2011, my Dad's Nitron and my Wife's Equinox are both from May 2011. My Nitron had a couple issues when new (four issues total that I attributed to the extractor being too tight on the ammo rim), 400ish rounds of nasty steel cased russian LVE broke it right in and fixed right up, but the other two have been flawless from day one using both the LVE and Sellier and Bellot, not to mention a dozen types of self defense HP ammos.

I have no qualms about taking any of these three pistols out and putting 300 rounds down range and having it do so with revolver type reliability. I do so often... That being said I'm considering testing the spring from Top Gun Supply as it is and see what effects if any the additional loop has on the performance of an otherwise flawless pistol.

Any thoughts on what those effects would be?

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