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I bought a set of the coupled together sig sauer 5.56 magazines for my AR. I assumed they would work because sig says that any AR magazine will work in the sig 5.56. I know what happens when you assume…..The mag would jam every 3 rounds or so….I put in a mil spec mag and it feed flawlessly…The question is, did I get faulty mags or will they not feed in the AR platform?

I have a Stag 2TL that was clean and I generally run it wet.

Thanks for the input…..

So the stoppage was always a 'failure to feed'(F2F) with the Sig mags? No double-feeds or failure to extract/eject?

Can you try a Sig mag solo - without the coupling set up? This is just to compare apples to apples, UNLESS your mil-spec mags that function properly were also coupled.

My buddy's new super hi-speed LWRC did the same thing. It jammed/F2F with the ultra hi-speed expensive mags like crazy, but when he tried my mil-spec 30-rounders... no issue. Performed flawlessly. The gunsmith later told my buddy the "gun and mags needed to get broken in," which makes little to no sense to me. I'm left wondering what the REAL reason is for the F2F's with a new gun/mag combo.

My only suggestion would be to experiment with those Sig mags. Try them individually. Try them fully loaded, then variations of partially loaded - and track your results. Which mag(s) jam, which don't, how many rounds before the malfunction etc.

Worst case scenario, keep the mil-spec mags handy.
Thanks for the comment...sorry it took me so long to get back to you...working and all...

I tried them uncoupled and got the same results. It looks to me like the rounds are so low in the mag that the bolt carrier is not picking it up. There was no problem with extraction. I was just disapointed because I love my sig pistols and they have never failed me and I was expecting the same performance from these mags. I will be sticking with mil spec....

One last thing the reason I uncoupled them was because they are staggered and my rifle is left handed. This puts the left mag right at the ejection port which didnt cause a problem when the rounds were loading right...

Just wanted to give a heads up to everybody.
The Sig mags don't seem to have a great reputation on the Sig556 forum. I haven't had any problems with the 5 that came with my Sig556, but I haven't really used them that much. I prefer PMags and C Products magazines. I'll start using the Sig mags more and I'll post back with my results.

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