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Just bought a Sig P 250 don't know if ill carry it couldn't pass up the deal. Just wondering if anyone carries one and their thoughts. Shot one at the range and loved it and the modular concept. Seen some good reviews. As I said couldnt pass the deal up.


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I bought a P250C 9mm about 2 1/2 years ago. Carried it for about a year. Then got a SC x-change kit for it and carried that for about 8 months. I love the P250, but I bought a Kimber about a year ago. Now, that is about the only gun I carry any more. Guess you could say the 1911 made a convert out of me. I still have the P250, but it stays in the drawer most of the time now. No matter which configuration I had it in, the gun never, ever had one single failure of any type. If I needed to for some reason, I would not hesitate to carry the P250 again.


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I had one for a few months. Put close to a thousand rounds through it but just couldn't get used to the trigger. Kept shooting low and I finally gave up and bought a Springfield XD. The Sig was a really great gun and I would have kept it if I could have figured out that long trigger pull.


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I love my P250. I have carried many guns, and the one I keep coming back to is that P250. The trigger is one of my favorite things. It is the smoothest true DAO I have ever pulled and it makes the gun much more practical for every day carry. There are many ways to modify the size and caliber, which helps to quell my desire to buy more handguns! Also, this is a Sig and I find that it shoot fantastically. For my the compact is the perfect CC size and the new grip module is a great fit in my hand. I can't rave enough about it. I love this gun and have been carrying it for about 2 years now.


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Why on earth would you want to do that?!

Affordability maybe is one reason. Another reason I liked it was that very fact because you see i live in The Peoples Republic of New Jersey where we can't buy a handgun without permission from the commandant. This way I don't need his permission if I want a .45 or a subcompact. Here in New Jerkistan you just don't say: I think I want to buy a new handgun without a permit that takes 30 days if you are lucky + $35 fee, then $17 for each one after that up to 3 permits. I do live in one of the better tonws in NJ ( wow thats an oxymoran if I ever heard one:sarcastic:)it still sucks that i have to wait at all but I usually get my permits in 2-3 weeks. I have heard of it taking people months and even up to a year.

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