SIG P250 Opinions

An article in "American Rifleman" has gotten me interested in a SIG P250. The idea of converting between four calibers and various grip sizes is interesting. Anyone with P250 experience have any inputs?

I could not be more pleased with the one I have. I haven't gotten any of the conversion kits. When I purchased mine in March I asked about the kits and they cost about $400 each. So, obviously, it is not cheap to change calibers, etc. Feel free to ask any specific questions about it. It is by far my favorite handgun.

Sigs Rule
Thanks for the responses. I have a Sig P229 in .40S&W and think it's a great gun. It's my home defense weapon and the only one I have with a laser sight. The idea of converting between calibers was interesting, however, at $400 each it doesn't seem cost effective. Think I'll still keep it under consideration though.
What I would like to do is get it in 9mm and then get the conversion to sub compact.
I wanted to point out I stand somewhat corrected. I received my NRA magazine the other day and read the article on the P250. It says you can get a different size grip module for about $29. The price I stated earlier was for a conversion kit to another caliber. I have been unable to find a lot of information about the different grips, etc you can get for it. I am a little unsure what combinations you can create.
It is a great handgun!

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