Sig P238 or Kahr PM9?


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I've got an opportunity to trade my Sig P238 w/Rosewood grips and night sights plus some ammo for a new Kahr PM9 with 4 mags. It would be a chance to consolidate my ammo to 9mm. We all know the availability and price of .380 ammo. My Sig is broken in and runs like a top. The Kahr would need the break-in period. The Sig recoil is mild. What's the PM9 recoil like?
$ vs. $ the pistols aren't that far apart.
I need your opinions soon plz.

Which do you consider the all 'round better weapon?

I'd up grade to the nine. The Sig is a beautiful weapon but the .380 round is not a great self defense round. Fine if it is all you have. The nine is preferable. IMHO Besides, the Kahr is a good quality firearm too.
Recoil is not bad at all on my PM9. The trigger pull is a nice constant long pull which is great for CC. The break-in only takes 200 rounds to get it running smoothly. Kahr has one of the best lifetime warranties around. No questions asked at all. I sent in my PM40 and my PM45 and they were used firearms for mainly some tweaking. They even sent me a couple extra magazines for my trouble.
Ok, I did the deal. The Sexy Sig is gone. The PM9 is in my possession and I'll take it to the range Fri or Sat and wring it out. I hope I got a winner.
I believe you'd have been happy with either one of them. I own several Kahrs, and have been very happy with them. Sig also makes fine weapons. Soooooo, if the new purchase handles well, then your consolodation of ammo makes it a good choice! If you don't care for the Kahr, you can always trade for something else.
I think the Kahr is a better choice. Mine had no issues during the "break in" and was very easy to handle recoil. I would not want a SA pocket pistol.
I ran 150 thru the Kahr yesterday with ZERO issues. I was surprised at the lack of recoil. I was expecting more. It was just a little more than the Sig P238, MUCH less than an LCP and Kelt Tec P3AT that I've shot....about the same as my xd9sc, give or take a little. The box of WWB had a little more kick than the box of PMC. Even with the new to me DAO trigger my accuracy was good with nice 6 inch groups at 25 ft. With a little practice I hope to get that down to 4 inch groups. Efforts at rapid fire didn't provide consistent groups. Gotta work on that, too. All in all, I'm quite pleased.
I'll miss that little Sig. I really liked it, but 9mm ammo availability and cost factored into this. The extra power of the larger caliber was most important, though.

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