Sig P220 Carry -v- Kimber Ultra Carry II .45


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Trying to decide on which one. I have a couple of Para's but are really "fat" to conceal carry and have a Kahr P40 but just do not care for the Kahr. What are your choices on .45 cal Conceal Carry's? Dave

Personally, I'm looking at the Charles Daly M-5 Commander for carry in .45. 13+1 in a regular sized commander frame is too good for me to pass up. Supposedly, it's not any wider than a standard 1911 frame. With the recent involvement in the gun community that the president has shown, I wouldn't hesitate to try one. It's also made by Bul in Israel.

For one thing deciding will have to come down to what your prefer. Single Action or double action. I prefer double action or DBL action only. Others like single. What works for you.
My carry piece is a Kimber Ultra Carry II. It's a great weapon and I love mine. It fits great in my hand, easy to conceal, and very accurate for a short barre pistoll. I've ran a few tactical classes were we shot 400 - 500 rounds and have yet to have a stoppage. I've never shot the P250 so I can not give any feed back on that but if you have any questions about the Kimber feel free to ask.

Only down side is it only holds 7+1. So it just give me an excuse to shoot and train more. Oh, and carry an extra mag.
I think Sig is one of the best made pistols there is. I do not have a 220, but I love my P250. I also do not have a Kimber, but have heard good things about them. Like HK said, do you prefer single or double action. I am just not used to carrying a single action, so I won't carry my 1911. I am afraid in a situation of stress I will forget about the safety. Not good. That's just me though.
I have a Kimber Ultra Carry .45 that is my primary carry weapon and a Sig P229 .40S&W that is my home defense weapon. I think they are both great guns, reliable and accurate. My recommendation is to handle both weapons and see which you feel most comfortable with. If there's a range in your town that rents guns see if they have both and fire them. It's going to be a hard decision but either is worth the time.
Handle them both; break'em down and reassemble them. Do you want SA/DA with a decocker? Do you want locked and cocked? What about night sights? Is appearance a factor or not? And what about a rail? Some want/need it, others don't. Because you are going to hear pretty much nuthin' but good stuff about each of them, you are gonna have to make the call. Let us know how it plays out...
Hell, buy em both and carry each one alternately......I personally own and carry the ultra with a one round extended tac mag. It is a whole lotta firepower in a little bitty package. Highly accurate also with fixed sights. When at the range I concentrate on head and com shots at primarily 15 to 25 yards. Sometimes I am surprised at my quick fire accuracy.

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