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I am looking to buy my 3rd firearm, ok my fourth since I have a hi point waiting forme at my local gun shop. when I was there I ran across a SIG 556. they said this thing was a pistol. I really like it because it's unusual but I dont want that to be the reason I would buy it.has anyone shot one of these? how common is the 556 nato rounds?

There were several hundred rounds of .223 (close enough to same as 5.56) at WalMart tonight. 5.56 is a standard NATO round, so MilSpec ammo cans or sealed battle packs are often available at gun shows, also. This is the same round used by many of our forum members with AR-15 rifles. If I remember correctly, the SIG 556 even uses the same magazines as the AR-15s. Should be a joy to shoot.
That's correct, Wolfhunter, the Sig 556 does take AR mags. Deffinetly a great gun. I would rather have the 16" carbine than the pistol model, but either way, you will be happy with it.
they have both at the gun shop. if I like the way this one shoots I may get the DMR also. so the sig will shoot .223? I looked up 5.56and it'sgiving me .223 also.
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The 5.56x45 NATO and .223 remington are very similiar cartridges, but not identical. The 5.56 is a military round with a slightly thicker casing, and longer leade.

Shooting either round out of a gun chambered in either is acceptable, though accuracy may differ. I've shot plenty of .223 and 5.56 out of my AR, and both shoot just fine. Unless you're looking for competition shooting, you should be good.
I could very well be wrong here, but isn't there a difference between a 5.56x45 and 5.56x45 NATO round? They are similar but I was always under the impression that there was in fact a difference. Nato being military grade. Corrections welcome!

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