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Sorry if I didn't find this and someone already has this posted.

I'm wondering if anyone/organization has ever setup a side-by-side state comparison of carry laws. You know, like when you shop online and can select different models or versions of a product, and see a column format listing what's different/same? That would be easier then reading over every state's individual listing of laws. There are, of course, some major differences in carry laws and this thing could end up going on and on for pages, but just thought I'd throw out an idea and see what others thought. Maybe ask USA Carry or USCCA to consider putting something together? (What? Me do it myself?:laugh:)

This would actually be a really cool thing to have....a chart or spreadsheet layout by state. Have columns for open/conceal carry, where I can carry, mag/assult weapon limins, castle law, car carry law, etc. If I felt I could give it the attention it needs (laws change so often) I'd take it on myself.
LegalHeat app for Iphone rates states according to various criteria. They use a 05 bullet scale. They also have a synopsis of each state's laws, open carry, etc. It's kinda cool.

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