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Lately my thoughts have been turning towards preparedness, but even more so last week when a typical Midsouth thunderstorm with higher than normal winds blew through. 120,000+ folks were without power including my older parents who have my sister and her kids living with them temporarily. They were totally unprepared, and were without power for three days. I took them my generator, a cook stove, and a bunch of ice to keep their fridge and freezer cool. I really began to wonder what would happen if the Big One hit (the New Madrid fault). Even with my current rudimentary level of preparedness I, my g/f, her kid, and her Mom would be OK. Not comfortable, but OK. But what about my folks, sister, and nieces and nephew? If the Big One hits there is no way I could get to my family quickly or with much help for them when (if) I arrived, and I would be leaving my own "family" unprotected if I did so. My dad and I had a long talk this weekend.
In beginning my initial research I stumbled across a forum that is chock full of good information, and I felt I should share it here:

When SHTF - The Modern Day Survival Forum - Powered by vBulletin

Additionally, there are some decent fiction writers on the site for those who are interested:

The site’s Paw Fiction compiled. - When SHTF - The Modern Day Survival Forum

You gotta read Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse by James Wesley, if you allready haven't. It is an excellent novel about just this sorta thing. I thought I was pretty prepared before I read the book, but the author brings up alot of things that get you thinking. Very good book, I'd recommend it to anyone who is remotely interested in this subject.
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This site may help. Adventures in Self Reliance
Another good sourse of information is Backwoods Home Magazine. Also here on USA Carry under the resourse section are some places to check out. Look under the survival section.

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