Show Your High Point Carbine Mods!!


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I replaced the stock with the ATI replacement, added a Quad rail,a flash suppressor,heavy duty bi-pod and an x-2 light. I also have a rail mount laser as the x-2 light blocks the internal position for the laser.. and a red/green quick point scope on the way as well.....Any thoughts on this??




Heres the final photos of my Carbine build (not that anyone is interested!)LoLs:victory:





Any thoughts are welcome!!
Man--that looks great JT.
I've thought about picking up a Hi Point to replace my Kel Tec Sub 2000 which tends to jam a bit too much.
Looks like all your mods cost more than the gun which is fine if it gets the gun where you want it.
Nice job
Thanks Man!!

I lucked up a couple of years ago at a gun show and bought the carbine for around $175.00 used. I put $112.00 in her as your looking at her!! I would be very surprised if you could pick up a compriabale carbine @ $287.00. Im done with her now except for hanging the strap back on.:victory:
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I've been playing around with my 995 for a year or so...the C-More reflex sight cost more than the gun

Your carbine looks nice by the way JT....
I wish ATI would make a stock for the 4095. I hear Hi-Point is coming out with a new design that can be retrofitted. Guess I'll have to wait for that one. Nice carbines, guys!
Nice job on the paint! I just got mine this week and haven't even got to shoot it yet. Looking for a cheap red dot if anyone has recommendations.
J.T. yours looks really nice!
Thanks asked about a red dot. For a touch over $200 you can get a C-more (, you'll never need another. I've found spending a little more is worth it on a gun that shoots well...or a Bushnell holo, a little cheaper than an EOtech.
...if not then try NC Star, they have a reflex sights for well under $100 some under $50 just search "NC Star red dot" on Ebay...there's a ton. The gun has light recoil in the replacement a low end sight should hold up for a while.

Hope I was some help to you.
Thanks for the tips! I think I'm gonna take it out shooting this weekend and then decide what to add. I have shot my buddy's and had fun with it, but just not sure how much I want to spend yet. Checked out the ebay NC stars and looks like there are several different ones to choose from. Think I'll most likely try one of those first.
Thanks again!
Frank, the paint looks great! i have the 995ts model and i really want to put some camo on mine. is there any way that you could give me some tips on exactly how you did yours? ill try to post pictures soon
I'm going to be detailed and basic, please don't get offended. I had the advantage of someone to show me this the first time and reading instructions isn't the more is better than less.
The very first step is to get a cheap acetone, nail polish remover works fine, and clean the areas that will be painted, to get all the oils off.
Next you need to make the "stencils" for the camo pattern. What you want to do is rip painters tape (get the wide kind) into random strips. Think of it like ripping it to look'll need two strips for one for each side...the larger the space in between the strips the lager the break-ups will be. Tape the strips to the stock and around it to cover the non-paint areas. You can add smaller scraps inside the break-ups to alter the shape. where the tape is will stay black, the negative space will be whatever color you pick. Make sure the tape is on good so you don't get any spray where you don't want it. Any other area with no break-ups should be covered in tape so it doesn't get painted. That's the prep.

Next spray it, I like Krylon ultra-flat camo paint and Krylon matte clear coat.
Spray the color on first, take your time and spray even coats...wait a couple mins between coats (it drys fast) but not too long. I'd do 3 good even coats before I took the tape off. After taking it off, use the clear coat to seal the paint, I'd do 2 coats simi-close to the stock to get a good coat and 2 coats at a distance to take any shine away, the powder spay at a distance will do that.

And that's really about it...use stencils, you can make or buy them if you want...I just did a stock that I'll add a pic of where I added skulls, just for fun...I was thinking next time trying to put the skulls in the break-up. I think that would look good. Best thing about it is, no one will ever have a gun quite like yours.

I hope this makes sense to me, but I know how to do it. It's not always easy to tell someone when you can't show them...I think if you read this and look at the picture of mine, it will be clearer...Good Luck! and remember, it's only paint you can paint over it, or remove it.
Like I said I'll add pics of other guns I've painted to give you some ideas, I'd love to see it when you're done.



What do you think?

i like your mods, never understood bi-pods for 9mm's but it looks good

I added the ATI stock ,full length top rail , 4 inch tri-rail on the front , red dot sight,flash suppressor, flashlight and laser combo , 2 extra mags and 3 point carrying strap ....i plan on adding fold down sights to the top rail in the future ...but this will do for now.. i'm sure by now that the mods cost more then the gun did originally .....but i'm sure the whole project is under $500.00 ...wich still beats the cx4's base sticker price of $700.00
looks pretty slick man and yeah, other than looks and zeroing the optics, the bi-pods doesn't have a whole lot of use...just a Tacti-cool option.:biggrin:
Nice Job Guys...

Hi-Point makes a great low budget carbine...I wish i could say the same for their pistols but I can't. Every body I've ever known that has owned a Hi-Point Carbine has been pleased. I like the upgraded stock. Looks Awesome!
My 995 with ATI stock, bipod and a Tru-Glo 2x30mm 2.5 MOA red dot. Stock pouch holds two mags.
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DOE, I like the looks of that cut-away stock, and there is a noticeable weight increase with the ATI stock.

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