SHOW YOUR "CRAFTSMANSHIP" (what ya done to yer gun)


God Bless Our Troops!!!
This is for all those guys who have built something, added a new twist to an old dog or reinvented the wheel.
Post what ya done to yer gun.

I'll play. Here are some picks of my first AR build.

Stripped Lower just after I bought the buttstock

Buttstock, pistol grip, and parts kit installed

Upper reciever and bolt carrier after I installed the forward assist and port door.


Barrel and removeable carry handle installed

As he sits now. Flipup BUIS, EOTech, and foward grip
Here is a picture of the canon I built. This was not a kit it was made from raw bar stock and plate.
very smooth!

Those are fine examples of craftsmanship.

Who else among you built or modified something cool?
Very nice builds guys!

I have not built anything, or customized anything as of yet. My stuff is pretty much stock, just have grip changes mostly. Will def post pics once I get some projects up and running.
I rebarreled my wife's sporterized 1903 Springfield. Her late father had it built for her when she was in HS (1957 is when it was built). It was fired by someone, I don't know who, with surplus ammo that had corrosive primers and not cleaned. The barrel was beyond ruined. She never had a chance to shoot it. I decided to rebarrel it for her so she could shoot it at least once (I'll make her a reduced power load).

Square threads, cut the notch for the extractor - I figure if I can do this one, I can do most anything I want to.

Couple of pictures:

Set up to cut the extractor groove:

Link Removed

After cutting the groove with the receiver torqued on place, bolt with extractor fits just perfectly:

Link Removed

It's upside down because I wanted to avoid a climbing cut for obvious reasons. I can't post a picture of the completed rifle yet, but that should be coming before spring.

I've rebarreled, set back and rechambered, and recrowned quite a few of my rifles. It's a lot of fun.


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