Show this to your loved ones who don't carry

Thanks for posting the video. I just posted it on my facebook page, as well as sent out an email to my friends who don't have the testicular fortitude to own/carry a firearm for defense.

Amongst the people I sent this to, I have a neighbour across the road who is against her husband carrying and getting a CCW. She said they don't need it because we live in a nice neighbourhood. I know she will get angry at me for sending that video to her but I hope it will wake her up to allow her husband to protect himself and them...

Thank you for the informative video.
You might tell her that bad guys don't rob in bad areas. they rob in areas where they can get something of value.
Great clip. It should give gun-grabbers apoplexy.

It's an article of faith with them. No matter how much evidence appears to the contrary, no matter how well CCW works, they hate and detest the thought of Americans using firearms to protect themselves.

It's because they have been told in no uncertian terms that our 2nd Amendment rights are to protect us from THEM!

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