should I ???


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Ok... I am really on the fence here....
I am flying to Birmingham tomorrow afternoon and will be there for 2 nights and 3 days....

My NC permit is valid there.. I'll be out at night both nights. And with customers.... Should I packed it?? Currently I carry a full size 1911.....

Is it worth the hassle??
Is Tuscaloosa a good area?
I know I will get the always carry story..... But opinions???


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Let me ask you this way. If you can legally carry there, why shouldn't you carry?
Good point.
One not sure how my customer would react and how management would react...we have a no weapons at the office policy....
But usually have one in the truck.

But with travel I'm more of I'd rather have management mad than be at risk of life....


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I would want one if I was out in Birmingham at night. The only other thing is, will you be drinking? That
would be a bad idea. If you are worried about your customer being uncomfortable, do you have a pocket pistol to carry instead? Or just conceal it to where they don't know it's there either.


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Id carry it is it worth not having it on you and something happening that will make you regret not having it. I carry everywhere I got even in my house you nevef know when or where the next crime will happen.


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Ok ... This will be the first time to take while flying .. Well since 9/11 on a commercial plane..
I won't be drinking and I read how to transport at the airport...

So we'll go for it....


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Hope it all goes well! Be safe.

All I have to say is it is easier than I expected....
Checked it had all the right things done... TSA didn't even balk... I spoke to 2 guys at e security desk before the X-ray and they actually laughed and said ... Yep this is NC... More weapons go thru here than you would believe!!!

Now on to Birmingham...


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Let us know how it went. I live about 90 miles north of Birmingham and will be traveling thru that airport soon. I, for one, would like to know what TSA is like in Birmingham.


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I had to go TDY to Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois for training last year. I stayed on the Iowa side so I left my Glock in the hotel room safe will I was in training. Because of budget cuts I was” encouraged” to take my personal vehicle so I didn’t have to check my firearm. I would take it. It’s a hassle but there is always the “what if”.


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Here is a laugh... The bag I checked with e handgun did not get a TSA inspection notice... My bag with tools did... Off the luggage carosel at birmingham was easy... I leave tomorrow... Funny thing was last night I went to dinner carrying.. In downtown Tuscaloosa at Chucks.. And never expected to see my customer there.. But yep the guy I was going to see and 2 more... Never took my jacket off and he never knew.... Wow.... He even mentioned how his permit was not good in alambama( he is from SC)... Since my NC permit is... It was comically that he never knew I was carrying...

But anyway... Time for dinner!!!!


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ok-- a little update--- I DIDN'T fly back from Birmingham.. the weather convinced me to drive back.. so I can't give any details on the flying threw there...

BUT---I did have a second trip to Wisconsin... and that was just as smooth as Ashville..
The only funny thing is when I told the lady at the self help kiosk I need a firearm declaration form.. she went up and whispered that to the lady behind the baggage desk.. who handed the form out and everyone saw it.. so much for it "being a secret"....

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