Short time sale Crimson Trace


Sorry I didn't think to post this earlier. Through 12-31-08 Crimson Trace is offering $30 off their products, $50 off if you buy two plus free shipping!

I ordered one today for my Glock 30. I already have one for my Glock 26 (which will fit my Glock 27) and one for my Ruger LCP. Obviously, I think they are great!

Short Time Sale

The latest issue of Guns and Ammo magazine has a great article on the Crimson trace grips. I first saw their demonstrator at the gun shop wher i bought my XD-45. They had a mock auto and mock revolver with the CT grips. I was most favorably impressed with the way the grips worked. I am saving up to hopefully buy a CT grip for my XD-45 I sent for their material and the DVD is eye-opening, and the CT grips are better than any night sights could be and you don't need to look through anything or align anything. Just put the red dot on the target and squeeze the trigger. You don't even have to see the gun to accurately fire it. If you can afford it, by all means get this grip, it will improve your chances of survival exponentially.
I once had a CT for my Ruger P-94. It was awesome. I don't have that gun anymore; I know that they are available for my current carry weapon (a Glock 22), but I would prefer to have the kind that allow grip customization, and Glocks don't have that. Maybe if I get another Ruger or a 1911, but not for the Glock, which the CT would stick out on.

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